9+ Graphing Printables & Activities

Graphing is a great visual math activity for kids to do.

They can look at graphs, make graphs and just have fun learning about graphing in so many different ways.

Each of these ideas is a great math center for graphing with different ideas for kids to do.

9+ Graphing Printables & Activities - with fun graphing activities for kids to with with math and roll and graph - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

This is a great round of one of the math printables on the site.

What is a graph?

In math, a graph is a pictorial representation or a diagram that represents or values in a very organized manner.

You are going to find a mix of graphing with counting, graphing with math, graphs with tally marks, and graphing with letters.

Things to use with the Graphing Printable

Graphing Math Printables

These are fun graphing printables that work on doing math while graphing. You have a mix of different types of printables and math.

No-Prep Math: Multiplication Solve and Graph - work on multiplication 1 to 12 with 2 worksheets for each number with graphing answer key - 3Dinosaurs.com

Multiplication Solve and Graph is a great math printable for kids to work on solving equations and then graphing the results. The picture above is an example of this printable.

Olympic Roll and Graph Math for Addition & Multiplication has several different addition and multiplication for kids. You roll two dice and then pick the correct column to do the math.

Apple Roll & Graph Math For Addition & Multiplication is similar to the Olypmic graphing but with apples for a fun fall math printable.

Graphing Counting Printables

The graph and count printables are great graphing printables for preschool age kids. You can roll and then graph with simple graphing activities.

Easy to Use Forest Animals Graphing - with graphing and 2 dice options plus graphing ABCs, numbers, and shapes - 3Dinosaurs.com #graphing #mathforkids #kindergarten #prek #forestforkids

Forest Animals Graphing is great graphing set with roll and count, roll and trace ABCs, roll and trace numbers, and roll and trace shapes!

School Supplies Themed Graphing

Summer Roll & Graph has a simple roll and graph that works on graphing four times. There is also a Summer Roll & Grahp Selling Set that includes ABCs, numbers and shapes.

Hanukkah Spin & Count Dreidel has kids spin a dreidel and then graph the results. Then they can color the one to reach to the top first.

New Year’s Roll & Graph has roll and graph and then roll and graph numbers from 1 to 30.

Jump Frog Jump Gross Motor with Printable is ag great gross motor printable that lets you graph your rolls.

You can also find a lot of graphing activities in the printables packs! It varies from pack to pack but you can find additional ones there.

Roll & Graph with Letters Printables

ABC Roll & Trace is a great ABC tracing activity that have you roll and trace letter and it is a different way to work on graphing.

Hanukkah Spin and Trace ABCs: Print & Cursive has trace and graph the letters as they spin the dreidel.

ABC Pumpkin Spin & Trace is a great letter tracing printable that is also graphing at the same time. You have a mix of letters with different fonts.

You can also check out these other graphing printables and activities.

Graphing activities for kindergarten helps you understand a little more about graphing!

Patriotic Homemade Slime and Graphing Activity has you looking for stars in slime and graphing the results by JDaniel4’s Mom.

Graph with Rainbow Colors Printable and Activity is a great color themed graphing activity by JDaniel4’s Mom.

Count, Color and Graph Pumpkin Sheets is a simple count and graph with pumpkins by JDaniel4’s Mom.

Christmas Graphs with a Cupcake Theme is graphing with Christmas themed cupcakes by JDaniel4’s Mom.

Christmas Graphs Children Can Count and Color is a fun Chrismtas Ornatment grahping printable by JDaniel4’s Mom.

Find, Count and Create a Bar Graph with Ocean Objects Printables has you graphing with ocean animals by JDaniel4’s Mom.

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