15+ CVCe Printables & Activities – Also Called Magic E

There are many different types of reading skills that kids work on. CVCe or magic e words can be a challenge at times. These printable and activities are some fun ways that kids can work on those words.

I’ve put together a collection of all my CVCe activities and printables. There are so many fun ways to work on these words.

15+ CVCe Printables & Activities - you have a collection of hands-on, no-prep and great rescources for learing CVCe words - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

I have them divided up below in the group of cards, hands-on and worksheets. I want you to be able to find what you are looking for. There are so many fun ways to learn but not all kids learn the same way.

What are CVCE words?

CVCE words are work that has the silent e at the end. I have also heard them called “magic e words”. They are Consonant Vowel Consonant E words.

So that you will find words like mine or hike are CVCe words. The e at the end of the words makes the vowel in the CVCe words a long vowel sound.

These can be tricky to learn but are great for kids to know the trick about the words.

Items that we most often use with the CVCe Word Family Printables

CVCe Word Family Cards

This is where you are going to find cards, bookmarks, wall cards or any type of card for the CVCe word family words.

Free CVCe Word Family Matching Cards - 32 sets of cards for matching picture and rhyming word plus see ways to use them - 3Dinosaurs.com

CVCe Word Family Wall Cards are a great took for working on what words belong to what ending.

CVCe Word Family Cards and Writing has a full set of CVCe Word Family cards with several cards for each ending with tracing sheets and writing sheets. There is also read, write and build mats.

CVCe Word Family Matching Cards is a great matching game to play with the CVCe words. You have a picture card and the matching word card.

CVCe Word Family Bookmarks has 34 CVCe endings in a fun to use bookmarks that have a matching picture and then matching words below it.

CVCe Word Family Hands-On Activities

These are all the hands-on activities you can do with the CVCe words. You are going to find word building activities, sounding out words, playdough mats and more.

CVC, CVCC and CVCe Word Playdough Mats with Pictures - a fun collection of mats that have playdough word with tracing and writing area for the word with a matching picture of the word. They are a great way to work on learning words  - 3Dinosaurs.com

CVCe Word Family Puzzles are great for spelling CVCe words with 4 piece puzzles.

The CVCE Word Family Ladders is one of my favorites. You have a fun way to work on building words.

CVCe Word Family Playdough Mats are another fun way to build words. You can give them a word list and they can

CVCe Word Playdough Mats with Pictures are fun playdough mats that have a picture a playdough words with tracing and writing included.

CVCe Word Family Sound It Out Cards are a great way to work on learning the silent “e” idea. Each of the cards has a star on the “e” to help them remember that it is silent.

Bat Themed Rhyming Matching: CVC, CVCC, & CVCe has simple rhymes with matching bats and a rhyming worksheet that matches the bat puzzles.

Christmas Tree Vowel Sound Sorting: CVC vs CVCe is a fun holiday printable that you can use to see how similar the CVC and CVCe words are.

Easy to Play Rhyming Planet and Star Matching Game has a mix of CVC, CVCC, and CVCe words for kids to learn with.

You can have fun rhyming with the Rainbow Matching: CVC, CVCe & CVCC words. These all have matches with a rainbow theme.

CVCe Word Family Worksheets

There are several different types of worksheets and activities for CVCe Words. Most of these printables are no-prep and super easy to use.

Free CVCe Word Family Write the Words No-Prep Worksheet - 4 no-prep worksheets working CVCe words with a-e, i-e, o-e, and u-e - 3Dinosaurs.com

Easy CVCe No-Prep Trace Find & Color Printables gives you a collection of CVCe words that you write and then find the matching pictures below. Simple ways to work on seeing a word and matching the picture.

CVCe Word Family Coloring Pages have 2 to 3 images on each page with a matching word for them to trace or write the word. It also has space for them to draw and write their own CVCe word.

CVCe Word Family Write the Words has four no-prep worksheets that kids can use to work on a-e, i-e, o-e, and u-e words.

CVCe Word Family Small Book are small folding books that take a little prep but have reading, tracing and coloring for 3 words.

CVCe Word Family Word Paths have you follow a certain set of CVCe words through a word maze or path. These are a great no-prep printable.

Early Reading Printables BOB Books Set 5 Books 1 & 2 has a mix of hands-on and no-prep that match up with Bob Books Set 5- Long Vowels. They have some CVCe activities in the first two books.

Scarecrow CVCe No-Prep Worksheet is a fun seasonal activity working on figuring out the CVCe word for the picture and writing a d rhyming word.

Fun Writing Activity for Rhyming Words With A Garden Theme has a fun CVCe word in the set and has building words, writing words and writing sentences.

Check out these other CVCe Activities & Printables:

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