20+ Art Projects With Cookie Cutters

There are so many great ways to do art. I know we are always looking for different ways to do it.

One fun way is to use cookie cutters. They are great projects for kids of different ages! You can all do the same project but everyone can do it their own way. Nothing has to be complicated.

But cookie cutters make easy and simple to do art projects with something most of us have at home already!

Painting with Cookie Cutters - easy to do art projects with cookie cutters with little to no prep needed - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

We have been using the Wilton Cookie Cutters Set, 101-Piece for year! It has been a favorite to have all seasons and a mix of things.

It is super easy to clean and use. We have used them in playdough, sensory bins and painting. And today is all about painting activities we have done with them.

You can use any cookie cutter you want! They are super fun and easy to use.

Things to use with these Cookie Cutter Activities

Stamping with Cookie Cutters

These are all activities that just put the cookie cutter in paint and stamp on paper. Don’t make it complicated. It does not have to be.

Learning Name: Stamping Letters

Christmas Cookie Cutter Painting is a great and simple activity for kids to do! You can have fun while stamping the pages! Then decorate inside as well.

Making Snowflakes is a great way to make snowflakes for a winter stamping activity.

Shamrock Stamping is super easy and fun to do!

Fish Stamp Sea Craft is super simple and easy to do! Plus great for kids to make fun fish!

Learning Names: Stamping Letters is a great painting activity that could be used for sight words, CVC and more. All to learn letters in words.

Painting Inside Cookie Cutters

These are activities that all paint inside cookies! You can use different types of paints and cookies cutters for all season!

Giraffe & Lion Painting with Lions at Lunchtime - a fun watercolor and cookie cutter painting activity to make an African animal scene - 3Dinosaurs.com

Process Art Circle Painting is a fun activity where you trace inside cookie cutters and then paint afterwards.

Transportation Painting with Watercolors and Oil Pastels uses cookie cutters to make stenciles for cars and planes.

Spring Cookie Cutter Paintings

Watercolor Butterfly & Flower Painting uses two types of cookie cutters for flowers and is super fun to make.

Easter Egg Cookie Cutter Painting is great way to make a collection of eggs and have fun with it!

Duck in the Pond Painting with Cookie Cutters is a great pond painting activity for kids. Plus it has ideas on how to change this up for different ages.

Frog Cookie Cutter & Dot Marker Painting is another pond painting activity you can do with kids. You can have fun making the pond background and paint the frogs.

Ocean Cookie Cutter Projects

Watercolor Ocean Animals Painting has cookie cutters for all the fun ocean animals!

Watercolor Fish is a fun cookie cutter activity with the book Swimmy!

Shark Fin Painting with Cookie Cutter for Kids is a great painting activity for a shark week.

Swimming Turtles Cookie Cutter Painting is a great ocean theme to do for the summer.

Summer Cookie Cutter Painting

Beach Watercolor and Q-Tip Shell Painting has a fun beach scene with shells on the beach.

Giraffe & Lion Painting is a great painting activity with cookie cutters! Loads of fun and easy to do!

Fall Cookie Cutter Paintings

Leaves Cookie Cutter Painting is great for any season with leaves. This is fun for fall but you could do for earth day as well.

Apple Cookie Cutter Painting is another fun fall painting activity. You can do red, yellow, and green apples.

Ghosts in the Sky Oil Pastel & Watercolor is a great activity with a cookie cutter for the template.

Pumpkin Patch Watercolor and Paint for Kids is a great fall painting project that kids can do.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Painting

Rudolph The Red Nose Watercolor with cookie cutter reindeer and trees!

Glitter Watercolor Christmas Lights Painting is super fun and easy to make with kids.

Cookie Cutter: Christmas Lights Painting has a fun watercolor background had glitter painted lights.

Watercolor Christmas Trees are super fun and easy to make. Plus great to make loads of trees.

Winter Cookie Cutter Painting

Watercolor Snowflakes with several funis easy to do to make several snowflakes in the sky.

Penguin Watercolor Painting is super fun for kids to do for a penguin theme.

Polar Bear Chalk Pastel Picture using a cookie cutter as a template to do painting!

Groundhog Shadow Painting Activity is a great shadow painting activity. Plus suggestions for different ages doing the same painting.

Watercolor Hearts is a great Valentines painting activity that kids can do.

Clover Watercolor Painting is fun to mix up the different greens that you can color in the cookie cutter.

Painting with Cookie Cutters - easy to do art projects with cookie cutters with little to no prep needed - 3Dinosaurs.com

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