43+ Earth Day Printables & Activities

There have been several different Earth Day Activities added to the site over the years. I thought it would be fun to round them all up. There are so many activities that you can do for Earth Day. And a lot of these activities also work for Arbor Day as well.

You are going to find printables, hands-on, activities, crafts, and more we have done. There are so many projects you could do for Earth Day! Plus new things are being added all the time.

43+ Earth Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - abc, numbers, themed packs, crafts, painting and hands-on activities and more- 3Dinosaurs.com

The below you will find it divided into printables and arts and crafts to help you find what you are looking for. There are so many fun Earth Day Activities to do!

Things to use with these Earth Day Printables & Activities

Earth Day Printables

This is where you will find all the Earth Day printables. As more are added to the website they will be added here. There are themed packs, ABCs, writing, and more.

Earth Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - 3Dinosaurs.com

Earth Day Printable Packs

Earth Day No-Prep Weekly Packs are great no-prep printable packs for Earth Day. They have 5 days of printables with 4 pages for each day. You will find packs for prek, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade.

Earth Day Learning Pack is a printable learning pack with a mix of hands-on and no prep activities for kindergarten to third grade. It has over 55 pages. There is also a pack that works for tot and preschool. It has 33 pages and has a mix of activities for learning.

Tree Shape Themed Pack For PreK & Kindergarten is a great pack with no-prep and hands-on activities with shapes! It is great for Prek and Kindergarten age kids. You have 12 shapes that kids can use for learning their shapes.

Mini Earth Day Pack is a really mini pack with 7 pages of activities. This set is great for fine motor activities for Earth Day.

Mini World Pack is great to learn about the world we live on. You can learn contents and see maps to label and color.

Life Cycle of a Plant is a great one for Earth Day to learn more about plants. You can learn about what plants need and the different parts of a life cycle.

Eath Day Learning to Read Printables

Sequencing: Seasons of a Tree with clip cards, task cards, no-prep worksheets and easy reader books $ - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids #sequencingforkids #earthday #fourseasons #tpt #teacherspayteachers

Sequencing: How to Recycle is a fun set with how to recycle. You have an easy reader book, clip cards and more to work on recycling.

Sequencing: Seasons of a Tree is a fun set about going from spring time through winter with the seasons of a tree. You see all four seasons a tree goes through with clip cards, easy reader books, and writing pages.

Earth Day Word & Easy Reader Books are some fun early reader books for preschool and kindergarten. These are simple and easy books for kids. There is also a selling set of Earth Day Easy Reader Books.

Earth Day Themed Bookmarks has 3 pages of bookmarks with 12 total bookmarks. You can use these are fun to use during Earth Day.

Eath Day ABCs Writing Printables

Earth Day Writing Prompts have 7 fun questions to draw and write about. They have two line types and space to draw about the questions that are asked.

Nature Theme Writing Pages are fun to use for Earth Day. They have notes about what you saw and a place to draw pictures of what you saw. It has several different types for kids to use.

Eath Day ABCs Printables

Earth Day ABC Find is a great no-prep printable that has uppercase and lowercase letters. You can trace the letter then find the letter on the recycle bin.

Earth Day Numbers Printables

No-Prep Earth Day Themed Number Color and Trace - easy no-prep printables with three fun Earth Day themes: Earth Day, flowers and garden 44 pages for each set with two options for the numbers tracing or writing $ - 3Dinosaurs.com #noprepprintable #earthday #numbersforkids

Earth Day Themed Number Color and Trace has nubmers 0 to 20 with tracing or writing.

Earth Day Number Find is a great activity for kids to do to work on numbers in a no-prep printable.

Earth Day Themed Dot the Number Count the Number has three fun themes: Recycle, Earth & Tree. You can work on numbers 0 to 20 with this set!

Recycling Themed Number Order Task Cards works on numbers 1 to 10, 1 to 20, and 1 to 100.

Easy To Use Earth Day Ten Frame Cards are a great hands-on activity for counting and math. It has numbers 1 to 10. You can also buy a full set of the Earth Day Ten Frame Cards that has numbers 1 to 20 plus matching worksheets and easy reader books.

Earth Day Math Printables

Free Earth Day Clip Cards for Comparing Numbers - greater than and less than with 5 pages of cards - 3Dinosaurs.com

Geometry: Recycling Sorting By Angles is a great hands-on learning activity for angles and geometry.

Recycling Earth Day Fraction Matching Cards With Help Mat 8 fun matching cards with fractions for kids to work on.

Earth Day Themed Place Value Arrow Cards are a great way to work on place value! They can have fun building numbers.

Earth Day Clip Cards for Comparing Numbers work on greater than and less than for kids.

Earth Day Shape Printables

Tree Shape Themed Pack For PreK & Kindergarten - A fun pack full of shape activities with trees. It has a mix of no-prep and hands-on activities for kids for 12 shapes - 3Dinosaurs.com

Tree Shape Themed Pack For PreK & Kindergarten has loads of shape activities for kids to learn with. You have a mix of no-prep and hands-on activities for learning shapes with dot marker, tracing, puzzles, and more!

Fine Motor Work With: Tree Shape Trace and Color is a fun way to color trees and work on shapes.

Tree Shape Matching Cards has 12 fun matching cards for kids to learn shapes with.

Tree Theme Shape Find is a fun no-prep printable working on geometric shapes and shape words.

Other Earth Day Printables

Earth Day Playdough Mats have 8 different mats for you to choose from.

Paper Roll Gross Motor Dice is a great way to get moving and reusing stuff from the house.

Earth Day Themed Gross Motor Dice has 6 fun Earth Day themes for kids to do gross motor with.

Earth Day Crafts & Activities

There are several different hands-on activities and crafts for Earth Day. You can have tons of fun to make and do. You can also see how to use some of the printables.

Earth Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - 3Dinosaurs.com

Earth Craft for Earth Day

Model Magic Earth is a fun Earth Day craft you can do with kids. Only a few simple supplies needed.

Paper Roll Stamped Earth was a great project using paper rolls. Super fun and creative way to make an earth

Easy To Make Finger Painted Planet Earth is a fun painting project for Earth Day. You have a great Earth painting that is fun to do.

Watercolor Planet Earth Process Art is a fun Planet Earth painting activity you can do with kids for Earth Day.

Oil Pastel Earth with Heart Shapes is a Earth project made with hearts! You can see how fun it is to make the earth using shapes!

Tree Crafts for Earth Day

Tree Fine Motor Activities are great Earth Day Themed tree activities. You have loads of fine motor activities that change up how you use different printables.

Washi Tape Green Trees are perfect to make for Earth Day! This is a great fine motor craft for kids to make.

Activities You Can Do Outside for Earth Day

Learning Fun: Comparing Nature is a great spring and Earth Day Activity for kids to do.

Looking At Nature is a fun post about looking at changes and finding things in nature. It is great to see how the world changed in the different seasons.s

The Lorax Crafts for Earth Day

Truffula Tree Number Matching – The Lorax is a fun hands-on counting activity. Super simple to make and great for counting.

Yarn Truffula Trees – The Lorax is a fun craft to make for Earth Day. It makes a great texture for the trees.

Torn Paper Truffula Trees – The Lorax is a nice fine motor craft for the Lorax and Earth Day.

Watercolor & Oil Pastel Truffula Trees a great mixed art activity for kids to do!

If you are looking for more Spring Seasonal printables check out the Round up of Spring Printables.

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

30+ Earth Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - abc, numbers, themed packs, crafts, painting and hands-on activities and more- 3Dinosaurs.com

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