Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff & Diamond Snake Craft

Diamond Snake Craft Diamond Jim Dandy

We read Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff by Sarah Burell and Bryan Langdo . It is a story about a rattlesnake that comes to a town in Texas and the sheriff tells him he is not allowed. So the rattlesnake finds a way for people to like him.

What you need: construction paper, scissors, triangle shape, glue stick, black marker, and snake shape.

Diamond Snake Craft

Have them fold the construction paper in half.

Diamond Snake Craft

Trace the triangles on the fold. (This is similar to the idea In Lieu of Preschool had for hearts.)

Diamond Snake Craft

Cut the triangles out.

Diamond Snake Craft

Glue the diamonds on the snake.

Diamond Snake Craft

Make an eye on the snake.

Diamond Snake Craft

Put the tongue on the snake.

Diamond Snake Craft

The finished product.

Diamond Snake Craft

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  2. Sarah Burell says:

    Hi. It’s taken me a few years to come across this, but I wanted to thank you for reading Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff. Tell your girls that Idie Mae Tumbleweed is five-years-old now and made a paper snake. She wanted me to thank y’all for the good idea.

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