Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular

Woodland and forest is a favorite theme at our house. We looked through a lot of the books in the house to decide. We happened to come along to a new book while book shopping.

It was Daylight Starlight Wildlife. We featured this as one of our books finds for the month. The book explores different types of animals and when they come out. I like that most of the animals can be found just about anywhere.

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular - 3Dinosaurs.com

We did some fun animal sorting and writing activities for this months Poppins Book Nook.

What you need for these activities: paper, writing paper, pencils, colored pencils, assorted animals and animal figure puppets.

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular - 3Dinosaurs.com

We read the book Daylight Starlight Wildlife and listened and look at the pictures. We talked about some of the animals as we went. We talked about Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular. We talked about how these are scientific words for daylight, starlight and twilight. Then they sorted the animals based on what they remembered. They each picked one animal at a time to sort.

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular - 3Dinosaurs.com

We then opened up to the last page in the book and looked to see if they choose the correct place for each animal. It was interesting to see which ones we had wrong and which were right that they were not sure about.

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular - 3Dinosaurs.com

The last thing we did with this project was pick an animal from each of the three areas and draw and write a few sentences about them. My youngest wrote the animal name and what section she got it from. My older two did two or three sentences for each animal.

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular - 3Dinosaurs.com

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