Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word

Who does not love playing with playdough. My girls really like combining two different activities. We have really loved all the different tracing with playdough mats that we have. They asked for some shape activities with playdough and tracing. This was a fun addition to the different playdough mats on the site.

Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word -

This was a fun addition to the site. There is a simple shape playdough mat on the site if you are looking for just that. These were made so that you could have some fun with the shapes.

This playdough mat has tracing with it. You are going to find the shape and shape word to trace. This gives your several different types of tracing. It is also a fun way to make connections between the word and the shape.

Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word -

I put mine in a sheet protectors and give them playdough and a dry erase markers. This allows me to reuse the pages over and over. If you want to put these in a center I would recommend laminate them. Laminating them makes them more sturdy.

Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word -

These are easy to use for various ages. My 5 year old loves them.

Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word -

What you are going to find in these printables:

  • Playdough Mat with tracing of the shape and the shape word
  • It has the following shapes: circle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, rhombus, triangle, star, heart, crescent, hexagon, parallelogram, octagon, and pentagon
  • 14 pages
Free Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word -

Check out these things we plan on using with these playdough mats.

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