Hands-On Learning With Digraph 3 Part Cards

The next addition to the printables in the learning to read is Digraph 3 Part Cards. Digraphs and blends are something kids learn as they progress in their ability to read.

These match up nicely with the other digraph printables on the site.

Free Digraph 3 Part Cards

I love the hands on learn you get with 3 Part Cards. You match up the three cards or you can just match the two. I use them in a tabletop Pocket chart or on the floor.

These work great for matching as well. You can print page twice and do matching games with them.

What you will find in these printables:

  • Digraphs: ch, ck, kn, ng, ph, qu, sh, th, wh, wr.
  • 2 Types of Cards: with blend word or just blend
  • 9 pages of pritnables
Free Digraph 3 Part Cards

Digraph 3 Part Cards Selling Set

Want a full set of 3 part cards? You can get the full set of cards at my stores. There are 6 cards for each digraph!

Digraph 3 Part Cards - 6 cards for each digraph - 3Dinosaurs.com

What you will find in these printables:

  • Digraphs: ch-, -ch, -ck, -gn, kn-, -ng, ph, qu-, sh-, -sh, th-, -th, wh-, wr-
  • 6 cards for each beginning or ending digraph
  • One card set with words and pictures
  • One card set with word & pictures with a line to cut off the word for matching.
  • Two options: the full word or just digraph
  • 53 pages of printables
  • Price: $3.00

Here are some things we use with these and other digraph printables:

Check out these other digraph printables:

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