Museum Of Science Trip Review

Museum Of Science in Boston is a great place to take kids to get a hands-on look at science in action. There are many different types of activities that kids do there. There is something that also appeals to people of different ages.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

The Museum of Science is tons of fun for kids and adults. There are many different activities for kids to try. Plus a lot of hands-on learning activities for kids to try. You can always have fun while there for any age.

Name: Museum Of Science
Location: Boston, MA
Length of stay: 3 hours

My first thing to say is that I had as much fun as my girls did on this trip. We just did the main area and no of the extras that you have to pay for. There are several levels to the museum and shows that you can see.

The Museums has several permanent and temporary exhibits. I’m going to hit on some of the permanent ones that we really enjoyed!

The first one has to be the Colossal Fossil: Triceratops Cliff & Dinosaur discover area. We loved the dinosaur area. They had so much information plus the real fossil was neat to look at. We loved the huge T-rex and the footprint model. They have loads of learning activities for kids in the area.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

The second one we loved was the Lightning Show! It is loud with lots of flashing lights and if your child is scared of those things DON’T TAKE THEM TO THIS SHOW! We had some issues at the start but we got over it. They do warn you before the show as well. You can learn about lightning and see a great light show! Plus you get to hear music made by lightning! There are several live shows but this is the only one that we went to.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

The third one we loved was Science in the Park! My girls have fun playing in that area. My only warning is watch out for older kids if you have younger kids. One of the older kids thought he would show my girls a fun time on the see-saw and one of them got hurt. I caught it at the end bu my youngest got hurt and we ended up in the first aid area. BTW their first aid area is great!

This area has TONS of gross motor activities for kids to do. Their favorite was trying to run to match the lights as they went down a runway. There are 4 different settings for kids to try.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

The Natural Mysteries is really fun to look at the different animals that have lived and are living.You can explore shells, animals and more. There are loads of draws to pull out and look at stuff. We learned a lot of new things while exploring in the area.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

We loved playing in the Light House. There were so many different ways that you got to play with light and learn about it. We just love the wall with the multiple color lights.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

These are just a flew highlights from there. We totally loved it. Plus there is a bed of nails to lay on! It was a favorite for us.

Museum Of Science Trip Review -

We spent hours visiting here and loved it. We did buy lunch while we were there. For those gluten free there are not options beyond bags of chips. The rest of the food was okay and you could get a variety to things On busy days you will be waiting for popular foods.

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