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Exploring bugs is always something fun. Sensory bins are a great way to explore something and get a great sensory experience at the same time. This is a good activity to add on when doing the Bug Pack.

Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

One of the girls favorite books to read is Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner. You get to look at the bug and see an movement that bug does. My youngest is deathly afraid of real bugs but this sensory bin is a great way for her to look at bugs and not be afraid. It is always fun to see different bugs.

What you need: mixture of beans, ladybug, monarch butterfly, praying mantis, orange-kneed tarantula, insects and cups.

Make sure your child wont eat beans before you use them
Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

One of the first things she always does is bury as many bug and insects as she can. She also wants to see what ones fit into the cup and which ones don’t. This is always fun to watch as she explores what they are.

Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

Next she wanted to sort out which bug and insects had wings and which did not. This was fun to watch her try and decide if it had wings or not. Some she knew and when she did not know she would ask.

Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

After sorting them she did some playing that was just bugs and insects that could fly and those that could not.

Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

She played with the bugs for some time. She did some scooping and pouring of the bugs, She also did just butterflies at one time. She really did enjoy the bin.

Bug Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

As always I leave sensory bins around for up to a week while we work on a theme. She will do some play with her older sisters as well. It is fun to play with the beans and explore the bugs.

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8 Responses to Bug Sensory Bin

  1. This is a fun way to learn about bugs in a playful way. I always love watching how they play with sensory bins too!

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  3. Love sensory bins and bugs are always a fascination for kids! Pinned!

  4. Yuliya says:

    My son got bored with sensory bins a while back when I went on a sensory bin overload. Seeing this reminds that I really should try another one and see how he likes it. This looks like a blast 🙂

  5. Looks like she had a great time, Cassie – thanks for sharing this at After School!

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