ABCs of Gross Motor Day 2: F-J


Welcome to Day 2 of the ABCs of Gross Motor. The first day was great fun and I’m looking forward to today as well!

F is for Fun

F is for FunWhy does gross motor have to be hard? It should be fun at any age. Activities my girls don’t care for can be changed into ones they do. One thing we do is walk like dinosaurs. The girls enjoy acting out each part of the different dinosaurs. One of my girls does not care for repeating activities over and over but needs them. By doing the different dinosaurs we make those activities fun. At the end of it all if they are smiling and want to do it again then you have done something right.

F is for Fun

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G is for Games

G is for GamesA lot of gross motor can be turned into games, even something as simple as walking. Keep them simple: ring toss, pom pom throwing, bowling, and so on. Games also don’t have to be competitive. Make sure to cheer each child on and state that they are doing well at all different levels of capability.

G is for Games

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H is for Hiking

H is for HikingHiking is a great activity for kids! I have brought my girls to many places and had people state that I should not be taking them on the trip. To prepare for tougher hikes I took my girls walking every day for 3 months. We walked around the hills close to home but I made sure that every trip we took out we did just a little bit more. Every day they were able to walk farther and farther and it was fun for them. Plus we got to talk about everything we saw. When we finally did the big hike it was no big deal. They did great!

H is for Hiking

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I is for Indoor

I is for IndoorI hear a lot “I don’t know what to do with my kids during the winter. They just want to run around.” Nothing says that you can’t do great gross motor inside. I do a lot in a small space with my girls. Think of something you do outside and adjust it for inside. If your kids like soccer then have them do balloon soccer inside. I’ve seen people do balloon tennis as well. Just take the time to see what you can do in the available area. It does not have to be complicated.

I is for Indoor

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J is for Jumping

J is for JumpKids always love to jump when given the chance. Jumping uses many different muscles and is a great workout. You can change directions, change which feet you use, or jump over obstacles such as tape lines or paper plates. Counting your jumps adds an extra level of challenge. It is also fun to see what ideas the kids can come up with!

J is for Jumping

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Cassie –

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be the end all of gross motor but just ideas that can be used and should not replace something else you are doing. This is not medical advice either.

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Cassie is a mom of three stomping, romping, and roaring girls. She blogs about fun art and craft activities and printables she makes. She includes the odd review of products every now and then. She also blogs about the places that she has taken the girls called trip reviews. She has a few free printable pack for kids ages 2 to 8 and always adding more. She loves to get comments and feedback and always looking for new things to try or do with her girls.
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  2. Fun ideas! Of course, I agree wholeheatedly with hiking 🙂 but we also have adjustable stilts, a homemade balance beam in the works, and we do things such as taping lines on the floor for them to “balance” on, games where they have to get from one side of the room without stepping on the floor, etc.

  3. We haven’t tried hiking yet. I think JDaniel would like it.

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