February 2014 Book Find

February 2014 Book Find  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Every month I look forward to finding new books. I always find a few that are more fun than others. We have been doing reading and dinner and lunch. It has made the time more fun. This month was all books we found at the library. I enjoyed each of the books and some we kept and read for one than one week. You can see we always get a wide range of books.

Catching Kisses is a great book about the many different kinds of kisses there are. You can look around and see the many different kisses. We loved reading this book. the book also covers a lot of the United States and you can look to see where all the kisses where.

Princess Peepers Picks a Pet is a book I like for many reason. One the main character has glasses and looses them trying to find a pet that will fit in with the other pets and the pet show. Second is that this book has a dragon! I just love books about dragons. Find out how she finds her pet.

Tiger in My Soup is about a boy that wants his sister to read to him. His favorite book about tigers. His sister says no so he looks at the book any way he can but still wants her to read. I love how creative this book is. You never know when a tiger will appear.

I Can See Just Fine is a story about a girl who says see can see just fine, but really is not. I love the story about getting glasses. If you have someone that might need glasses this would be a good book.

Fossil is a great wordless book! I love these books by Bill Thomson. This one is about a dinosaur fossil and you can follow the story as it goes. I love letting the girls decide what they think is happening or will happen next. He has other books that are just as good. This is sure to please a dinosaur lover.

What are you favorite books from the month?

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