Indoor Beach – Guest Post by P is for Preschool

Today post is a guest post by Emma from P is for Preschool!

I usually try to limit our messy sensory play to outdoors. But with a series of rainy days, we were all getting a little stir crazy from too much in-the-house time. And, you know, desperate times and all that.

So I brought some play sand in the house, not much but enough to play with. I loved how just putting out the tray with some glass gems, rocks and our story stones was enough to spark Kay’s imagination. “Ooh, and these can be the water,” she said of the gems, placing them beside the sand pile she had dumped in. “And these ones are the tide,” as she added some gems that went up onto the sand.

Indoor Beach - Guest Post -

The story stones were only on the tray because, well, that’s where I keep them and I hadn’t taken them out. But she used them to build on her beach scene. “And the farm is on the beach. And the caterpillar lives on the beach. And the elephant lives there too. And it’s a sunny day.”

“I like telling my own stories,” she said. “And I like listening to you tell stories,” I told her honestly.

Indoor Beach - Guest Post -

Next it was time for some construction on the beach and the trucks were brought in to do the work.
I wondered how long it would be before she thought of… “Can I add water?” Yep, there it was. “Sure, go ahead.” I had prepared myself for it, so the mess would be doable.

After going back and forth several times between the sink and the sand, adding the water, she insisted on putting on a bathing suit so she could pretend she was at the beach. Sure, knock yourself out.

Indoor Beach - Guest Post -

And when you’re at the beach and you’re playing in sand you have to make a sand castle.

And stomp on the sand castle? Well, in this case, yes.

The clean-up wasn’t as bad as I thought. We took out the toys that were icky and moved the play time to the sink so she could clean them. The tarp I had laid down on the floor ahead of time turned out to be a good idea; it usually is!

Emma –

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Emma Craig is a SAHM to a 5-year-old girl. She loves discovering new ways to learn and play and keep her daughter out of trouble! 🙂
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I love this post by Emma. So many ways you can explore sand inside when it does rain or is to hot to go outside. Be sure to check out all the ways to follow Emma below and learn more about her!

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5 Responses to Indoor Beach – Guest Post by P is for Preschool

  1. kiwon says:

    Wow! Very Nice 🙂

  2. Yuliya says:

    I just love sensory bins! My kiddo has been really into sand [and not sensory bins too much] lately. I actually did something similar to the second photo with him – dump trucks/construction vehicles + sand box = awesome outdoor fun! I’ll have to give the indoor beach a try soon! Pinned for later 😉

  3. Love this. My son has been enjoying similar experiences with Kinetic Sand. 🙂

  4. Jill says:

    It can be just as fun to stay in as it is to go out the beach these days. This is a really fun idea!

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