October 2014 Book Finds

There are a LOT of books we found this month. We got out more this month than we did in September and that makes a huge difference for us. A lot of these are books we collected but there are some from the library as well. I love checking the library for books each week. Looking for books is always fun. The girls will pick out books I might not try. This month is a wide collection of books.

October 2014 Book Finds: wordless, Star Wars, no pictures, colors, interactive books - 3Dinosaurs.com

Look over the books and let me know what book you would find interesting at your house! There are lots to pick from this time.

The Book with No Pictures is a great book. It is fact has no pictures but is so much fun to read! You are going to find bold, italics, colors and maybe different types of fonts. We change it up how we read it. It is great to do a BIG voice for the big words and small voice for small words. There is so much you can do with this book! This has been a MUST read at our house.

If you loved the book Press Here then you are going to love the book Mix It Up!. This is a great book about following directions and mixing up colors! My youngest has been walking around with the book for days not anyone else have it. Learn about colors and how mixing them up can change things. This is great for a young reader who wants some fun interactive reading.

Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana (My First I Can Read) is another great beginner reader book for with Pete the Cat. The book has a guided reading level of “G”. This goes great with the rest of the I can read series of the Pete the Cat books.

Fall Leaves is a gorgeous book to look at. The pictures are just stunning. On every page with text is two words in big print that tell you what the page and text is about. I love that as a simple beginner reader book for kids. It has two kids interaction with the 4 seasons through out the book. I love to talk about what they are doing in the book and follow them along.

Tap to Play! is loads of fun and is another interactive book. This one you follow the directions to get Blip up to the top of a bar. This is fun and bound to give you a laugh and see how well everyone can follow the directions.

Bear Sees Colors (The Bear Books) is another great addition by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. This book explores the colors in bears world. There is great repetition of the color words and pictures that show the words. If you are working on colors this is a good book to read.

If you have a Star Wars fan at your house you are going to LOVE Star Wars The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. This book cover the last 3 movies and has great pictures to go with it. There are also some key lines from the movies. I will be honest I got this book for my husband and I but the girls love it as well.

Very Little Red Riding Hood (The Very Little Series) is a fun twist on the classic tale of Red Riding Hood! We loved it and just to see what little Red Riding Hood can do. I love the big and small words in the book and the ending is a great one! This looks to be a series and we shall be checking them all out.

Slam!: A Tale of Consequences is a fun story about a boy who slams the door when told not to. See all what happens and have fun saying all the crazy words in the book. We enjoyed this book and it was a great library find for us!

Flashlight is a great wordless book. There is a flashlight that points around on the pages and you can see what is there. It is fun to talk about what you see and what you think might be there as well. There is a lot of mix of colors in the grays and blacks. There are small cut outs that show you what is on the next page as well. This was a library find for us.

October Book Finds

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11 Responses to October 2014 Book Finds

  1. Erin says:

    Great book suggestions and I love that you included reviews and not just a list! Thanks.

  2. You found so many books I’ve never seen before! I’m going to add them to my list to look for at the library!

  3. Emma says:

    I always love the Bear books by Karma Wilson, too!

  4. Ashley says:

    Looks like you have found some great books! I haven’t seen any of them at our library yet, but we will keep an eye out!

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