September 2014 Book Finds

We love looking for new books. This month all the books but one were a library find for us. I love using the library and exploring all that we can find there. I’m never disappointed when we go looking for books. This month has books with no words, fables, animals, dragons, fall and more. You never know what fun book you will find when you look it.

Book Finds August 2014: animals, book finds, dragons, fall, folk tales, gingerbread, wordless -

Be sure to tell me what book you would love to read! These were all lots of fun!

Stripes of All Types is a fun look at the different stripes that you can find of animals. It is a very fun read and looking at the different animals. This books is also in Spanish as well as English. You can give your hand at reading Spanish with your kids. The back of the book has detailed the information about each of the animals in the book.

Plant a Pocket of Prairie is about the plants and animals in the prairie and where you can find them. This books shows a lot of the animals and has details about them in the back of the book. They also talk about how the prairies used to be and what happened to them. The picture are stunning and is a great read about preserving part of history.

Catch That Cookie! is a story about a boy who is sure that cookies can’t run away, no matter what the books say. After they cook their gingerbread men they go to take them out of the oven and they are gone. The class looks around for them and the boy notices small footprints on the ground. This is fun to read and enjoy just what happens.

Winter Is Coming is a book that looks at the changes that happen in September, October, and November as it gets closer to winter. The pictures are stunning and the short sentences are great at explaining what is in the picture. We will be getting this one from the library again!

The Fox and the Crow is one of the Aesop Fables. We loved this book. It was a great read for the girls and I. The pages are stunning and you can turn the book on different angle for certain pages. It is really a lot of fun to read.

Oh So Brave Dragon is about a dragon that is brave and has a roar. But he is scared of his own roar. It is fun to see how he over comes his fear with the help of his friends.

Quest wordless book series two and adding more crayons to color with. This book shows that there are many different words and other crayons to collect. It has a boy and a girl in this one. I hope that they do many more in this series. We looked looking at the red and purple drawing and how they used the crayons on each page.

September Book Finds

What was your favorite book this month?

Check out these other books we found:

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  1. These look like some great books! I’ll have to check them out at the library! Thanks for linking up to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

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