Using the Library!

Do you visit your library? We do some times once or twice a week! During the summer we might go as often as every day. It has been a source of joy for the girls. We have a lot of books in the house for the girls to read and look at, but the library gives them more choices and interaction with others.

Using the Library

Every library has something different you can do. In this post you will find questions that I answer for our library and our house. I would love to hear how you use the library. I know for teaching kids at home it is a life saver.

What books do your kids like and do they know where to find those books?
I like to look for books they have interest in. I will encourage them to ask me or the reference desk. After we find a theme we look at books for that. My oldest loves to get non-fiction books. She will go over them many times to pick out what she wants. My middle child will go for fun looking covers. My youngest goes for any book she can grab. Sometimes she will find one she likes. By giving them the tools to find the books they have a lot more fun with the trips.

Do you look for new books every visit?
A lot of times you can ask the librarian what new books they got in. In our library they try and put newer books on the top to display for us to see.

Using the Library

How many books can you have out at a time?
Most libraries have a limit on how many you can take out. But I was surprised to find out our was close to 50 books! How many books do you have checked out at a time? Right now we have 20.

How do you keep track of the books at home? Have you set up rules for what is allowed for the books?
We had a bin at home where all the library books go. One rule we have is that the books can not be kept in their beds. My girls like to look at books in bed. It keeps them in bed at night. I don’t want them to harm the library books while they are in bed. So No library books in bed. I encourage that once we have read a library book we put it back in the bin so they are all together. By limiting where the books can go it takes me less time to find them went we go to the library.

Do your kids have a library card of their own?
Each of the girls had their own cards until we lost them. But I do encourage them to check out their own books.

Using the Library

Does your library have a library loan system?
Most libraries now have a system where if the book you are looking for is out you can order it from another library. For the Popping Book Nook and Virtual Book Club I use this a lot. We don’t always have books in the library when I want them. So I order them. If the girls want a book we can check the system before we go and if it is not there we can order it so that it might be there for another visit. It is easy to do. If you have questions as your local librarian.

Does your library offer museum passes?
Not all but some libraries have passes to attractions in the area. These passes might be free entrance to a place or reduced rate to some where. This is worth checking out if you are on a budget. It has allowed me to go more places with the girls than I would have if I was paying full price. Check what is offered and what is the policy on them. Our passes must be returned the same day you take them out. It is something to consider. You can always see if you are reserve passes in advance.

Does your library have computers for the kids to use?
Ours has a wide range of games the kids can play. It is a lot of fun for them to use the library computers. Each take turns using the different computers. The girls also have to learn to share with other and take turns with other people. They are better at using the computers on their own. It is a great lesson to learn to share with someone else.

Using the Library

What programs does your library offer during the year?
I check with our library a lot as to what programs are being offered. They have a lap time for younger kids and a story time with craft for older kids. It varies through the year. They also offer a singing time for the kids. Programs for older kids are offered as well. It is a lot of fun to see what you can do as the year changes. Every library is different. We have visited other libraries and done different programs there. Most have an online calendar of events. It is worth finding out what you can do!

Do you do the Summer Programs
Most libraries have some kind of summer reading program. They are a fun thing for kids to do. My girls love it. Each year is a new theme. Most of them start some time in May or have something about the program. I encourage your to check out your local program. It will give you something to do during the summer as well.

Using the Library

Do your kids see you check out books at your library and see you read them?
I try and get a book for me at least every 2 weeks and let them see me reading it. I also encourage them to ask me questions about what I’m reading. Let them see you use the library as well. Kids like to do what mom and dad are doing.

I would love to hear what is your favorite and least favorite thing about the library?

We use Reading Charts during the year to help us keep track of our reading and understanding of what we have read. There are several ones on 3 Dinosaurs! Click here to check them out.

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15 Responses to Using the Library!

  1. Momma Jo says:

    This is a great post. I’ve bookmarked it. Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    We love our public library. We go about every two weeks or so, but I tutor there every afternoon. Our daughter loves to go! I should establish the library bin thought since we are always tracking them down when they are due.

  3. We LUUURRRRVVVVEEE our library! It is brand new–just 1 year old and we go every single week. They offer a storytime during the entire year–but the biggest events are during the summer. Our library has no limit–and NO FINES! Just a “conscience” jar. /giggle I regularly pour my extra change in it. haha

    We have brand new computers–a fabulous collection of old and new books. And if they DON’T have an old book (like might be a part of Five in a Row) they will try to find it and buy it for their collection.

    One of our librarians homeschools HER children, so they are VERY friendly to homeschoolers. But I’ve been told by them, that I’m probably the only homeschooling mom who truly uses the library FOR homeschooling. But if I need books for our curriculum and they don’t have them, they BUY THEM and then hold them for me. They just did this for me when I was investigating the status of the books we will be using for read-aloud in My Father’s World 2nd grade. She took my list and said “we will make sure you have those for school.”

    Yeah–I know. I’m spoiled. Haha.

    My son loves having his own library card. They have it hole punched so you can put it on a lanyard…which is what we do. We put it with his homeschooling ID card.

    Our library brings in people during the summer session to give special programs…and offer a prize filled summer reading program.

    We adore the library and the boys always skipidy-hop their way up the stairs and to the doors and then head straight to their section.

  4. We are on a first name basis with our librarian! We love to go!

  5. We are at the library all the time. JDaniel loves the computers and puzzles there. I love that we visit all different sections of the library to look for books.

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