4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

This summer we have been doing a lot of hands-on math activities. One of them has been using stamps and paper. I know this is shocking but not everything we do at our has using my printables. Some times it is just as simple to write out what we are doing. This is also something easy to do on the go as well. I also look for ideas that I can use for each level of learning for the girls. You are going to find counting, patterns, addition, and subtraction in this post.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

What you need: paper, pen or marker, pencil, and stamps. (Instead of stamps you can use anything to make the items to count.)

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

My youngest did three different activities for counting up to 6.

The first one she did was stamping the numbers in order on the paper from 1 to 6. I would have her say the number before she started stamping. After she finished stamping we counted each number to make sure she did it correctly.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

The second was stamping the number when they did not come in order. Still using the same 1 to 6 numbers she started with. We repeated the same activities as above with saying and counting afterward.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

Third the papers were cut up and she had to match the numbers up. She would pick up a number say that number she had and match it to the correct number.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

My middle did addition. She added up 2 different numbers. I had her say the equation first, then use a different stamp for each number and write a + between them. Then she wrote in the total for that number.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

My oldest did subtraction. She would tell me the equation first. Then she would stamp the first number on the square. Then for the second number she would cross off that many of the stamps. So if she had 10 – 5 she would cross off 5 of the stamps. Then she would write in the answer.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

I started some basic patterns on a paper. Then my middle girl would finish the pattern out on the paper. At the end she got to create her own patterns to finish on the paper.

4 Math & Counting Activities With Stamps

I hope you enjoyed these simple activities!

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  1. H Short says:

    I love your website! Thanks for all your hard work and ideas! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    This is perfect! I have been working on counting with my 2 year old. She would love counting with the stamps.

  3. Kids LOVE stamps! What a clever way to get them excited about practicing math skills. Thanks for sharing this at the After School Linky; I’m featuring this activity tomorrow. Stop by to check it out and share more of your ideas/activities while you’re there!

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  6. I love these ideas for using stamps with kids! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jill says:

    This would be a fun way to reinforce math skills! I might see if I can adapt this technique into my daughter’s lessons this year.

  8. becky morgan says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much. My little girl has dyslexia and theae will be perfect for her! Were going to do these right now

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