December 2014 Book Finds

This months books are all books finds from the library! Yes we visit the library often and ask about new books. The girls are always looking for books to read. They have some they love to read over and over. It is always fun to see what fun books they will find during the year. They might pick out books I might not, but we find that we love them!

December 2014 Book Finds -

Have you found any good books this December? If so let me know, we are always looking for more fun books to read. Be sure to check out your local library and see what fun books they have!

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story is a great story about a character in a book and how things go wrong and the books is messed up. It is a fun read and wonderful about teaching kids to take care of books.

Yoko Finds Her Way (A Yoko Book) is a book about following signs to help you find directions. This is fun to learn signs and following directions.

The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie is a book by Chris Van Allsburg. They are a MUST read at our house. I love this one as well about a pet that is headed to a new home and find out all about Sweetie Pie’s adventure! It was a fun read and great art work as always.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? is a great book for any child that loves making noises and hearing birds. I love this book and the girls liked repeating the bird sounds as we read the book. There are lots of birds to learn and have fun as well.

Sometimes You Barf (Nancy Carlson Picture Books) is a great book to read with kids about everyone gets sick. Plus this is fun. I’ve have two of my girls throw up at school and they got a kick out of the book. This would be good to read for those that want to get a better idea of what is means when you barf and that everyone does it. I love the animals in the book.

December Book Finds

If you are looking for other interesting books check some of the other book finds out:

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  1. We love our library visits too! Pinned your choices for future visits!

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