Free Spring Weekly Reading Charts

Reading is a huge part of learning for kids. There are so many ways that we can make it fun. These Spring Weekly Reading charts can help with that. We keep track of a lot of our reading during the summer and this year we have been working on keeping track all year round. That also meant that we made changes and the weekly reading charts were to help with that change.

Free Spring Weekly Reading Charts Printable -

Each child is different and what gets one reading vs. another is always different. I found that weekly charts rather than 100 charts started to work more for my oldest as she was doing her reading. I always try and remember that going with their directions is always helpful.

The weekly reading chart with minutes has 3 slots for the day so you know the book and the minutes. This allows for different reading times during the day.

Free Spring Weekly Reading Charts Printable -

The Weekly Reading Chart for tally markers helps you keep tracks of the books you read that day and a spot to total them up at the end. Another way you can use these is to keep track of chapters that they read during the day in a chapter book.

Free Spring Weekly Reading Charts Printable -

What you are going to find in these printables:

  • 4 Weekly Reading Chart for books and minutes
  • 4 Weekly Reading Chart for tallying up the books for each day
  • 4 Themes: flowers, rain, flower & butterfly, kite
Free Spring Weekly Reading Charts Printable -

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