Goodnight Moon Gross Motor

We love adding gross motor to books. For this months Virtual Book Club, we did gross motor with Goodnight Moon. This makes a fun books that my girls enjoy another fun way to explore the book. Plus it gets them up and going while reading a book they love.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

This is simple easy to do. I always look at the elements of the book that can be used with a movement. Some examples are: cow, bear, mouse, sit, jump, and any others I think that fit. I’m going to tell you and show a few of the movements we did.

We read the book in order and did the movements as they came. The first one we did was for balloon. She slowly rose up from the floor. The challenge is to do it as slow as you can.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

She rolled around on her back for the moon. This is great for getting deep press on the body.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

For the cow and kittens we did some crawling on the around. This is great for developing the core.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

For jumping over the moon we jumped over a stuff animal. She loved doing this and we repeated it several times.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

For the mitten and socks, She shook her hands for the mittens and the stocks she kicked her feet.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

She also did the movements of a clock with both arms. This was fun we did slow arms and fast arms.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

She also acted out talking on a phone, brushing hair, eat and waving goodnight.

Goodnight Moon Gross Motor -

This made reading the book tons of fun! There is always so many ways you can explore books.

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12 Responses to Goodnight Moon Gross Motor

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  3. they got to act out the book, great fun!!

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  6. Cerys says:

    She looks to have been having loads of fun. This would be great for my eldest physio session at home thanks for the inspiration.

    • Cassie says:

      I’m always turning a book into gross motor for my oldest so that she get the movements in she needs for her PT at home time. Plus it is using my degree in a small way.

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  11. Erin says:

    Excellent idea, so glad I came across your post! Teaching “Before Five in a Row” at homeschool co-op and we are reading Goodnight Moon this week. Just what the kids will need to wake up after lunch, hah!

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