Gross Motor Challenge Week 4

Gross Motor Challenge Week 4

As we finish up this week only a few days are left for this challenge. How did you do? Did you do every day or just did your best? Part of this week we started a theme of Movements from books! This is fun and easy to do. Sorry some days don’t have pictures. It was fun to do and at times we got so busy doing movements I forgot to take them.

Erin at Royal Baloo and I have been fun with this. February’s Challenge for February is going to be Fine Motor. Look for more information about this with challenge post on the 31st.

January 19th:

Day nineteen we did follow the leader and jumping. (sorry no picture the batteries died)

January 20th:

Day twenty we did From Head to Toe Eric Carle Game And Puzzle System.

From Head to Toe Game
From Head to Toe Game

January 21st:

Day twenty-one we did movements from Let’s Dance, Little Pookie.

January 22nd:

Day twenty two we did movements from 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo

January 23rd:

Day twenty three we did movements from Barnyard Dance! .

January 24th:

Day twenty four they did gross motor with their dad. (sorry no pictures)

January 25th:

Day twenty five we did movements from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We made up movements for all the actions and then everyone got to be the bear and chase their sisters.

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Cassie –

Now it is your turn to link up! I can’t wait to look over what you have been doing! If you don’t have a blog and can’t link up comment and let us know what you have been doing!

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4 Responses to Gross Motor Challenge Week 4

  1. I love how you connected to the books!

  2. Andrea says:

    I simply LOVE your blog. I learn so much from it every time I go to it. Thank you for sharing your life with your 3 little dinosaurs. 🙂

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks for letting me know! It has been so much fun to share everything with everyone! I never know what fun things we will do next.

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