July 2013 Book Finds

July Book Finds

Here is the collection of fun books we found this July! Did you find any fun books this month?

The Summer Visitors by Karel Hayes was a great book about a family that comes to visit their cottage during the summer and some bears that happen to be there as well. We loved the parallel play of the story.

If I Were a Lion is a cute book about a girl that got in trouble and her mom calls her wild. She then says if I were a and then talks about all the things the wild animals do. Then says all the things that she does. I love the book because it is about learning and saying sorry as well.

Open This Little Book is a fun book that you just keep turning to see what size the next book will be! We love to read it!

Bedtime Is Canceled is a fun book that shows what happens when bed time is canceled. 2 kids write a note and give it to their parents saying bedtime in canceled. The parents don’t believe it. The note through some fun ways ends up at a radio station and it says that bedtime is canceled. It is fun to watch as thing change through the book. We got a very good laugh from this book.

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus was a book we just had to get. We love the Pete the Cat books! This makes a classic song so much fun! we have read through is several times now! It is sure to be a favorite if you like Pete the Cat! Keep an eye out because I know several more of these books are coming!

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4 Responses to July 2013 Book Finds

  1. We came across the book Summer Visitors at the library. It is so much fun. I will have to look for the others on your list.

  2. Kiana says:

    The Summer Visitors sounds cute! Gonna have to see if the library has it! We just brought home Pete the Cat’s Wheels on the Bus from the library though. Have not read it yet! Thanks for the great book suggestions!

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