June 2016 Book Finds

We are in full swing with summer reading here! That means almost daily trips to the library for books and fun! I love our local library and all they offer for the summer.

Plus reading helps prevent the summer slide! It is a great way to get kids to keep up their reading skills by looking for new books.

We are always on a challenge to see just how much reading we can do! We have several ways by 100 charts and by minutes charts for my older girls. Plus I don’t limit what they are reading. If they like it we are reading it! Reading is reading no matter what the reading is.

June 2016 Book Finds: birds, Noah's Ark, animals, shapes, box, fear of heights, women report in the 40s, bullies and birds - 3Dinosaurs.com

You can see all the books below with links to Amazon for additional information. A lot of them have previews as well that you can look through. Plus any sales help support 3 Dinosaurs.

Circle is a great book about the godwits and their lifecycle in great stunning pictures. The words are short and work wonderful to tell the story of their journey and the changes that are happening in the world.

Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf: A Story About Bullying is a great nww book about bullies! We really enjoyed this one. It is a twist on the classes story and is tons to fun to read since most kids know the classic story.

Miss Mary Reporting: The True Story of Sportswriter Mary Garber is a story of a woman sports reporter int he 1940s and the trials that she had. I love that this book showed how hard it was to have that job and be female. The book talks about how she was inspired by Jackie Robinson. The book is a great look at a time in history.

Parachute is a fun book about looking at fears. This one is bout heights and a boy that takes his parachute with him everywhere. I love the pictures and the changes in the pictures at the fear becomes less and less.

What To Do With a Box is a book I just love. My oldest picked it out as her favorite book, because she loved the pictures and creative ideas for boxes! The pictures are just great and show just how creative kids can be with a box.

Shape Shift is a fun way to looking at shapes put together! Just what to two shapes put together make? Plus there is a fun game at the end of the book to play!

The Animals’ Ark is a fun book told about what the animals did on the ark! I like how it tells how they got along but problems happened but they worked on it. This is a fun book for kids that like animals.

What Books did you find this month?

June Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

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  1. Emma says:

    What To Do With A Box sounds like our kind of book – reminds me of “Just A Box”, one of our favorites!

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