King Richards Faire Trip Review

King Richards FaireName: King Richards Faire
Location: Carver, Massachusetts
Length of stay: 3 hours

King Richards Faire has been around a few years. This is one of the girls favorite places to go in the fall. This is a great family trip. There are many different things to see. They have a joust area and many different programs to go to.

We did several fun activities during this trip. It was lots of fun to see them all. We did not spend the whole day and did not make several activities we might have wanted because of timing.

Before you go in there is a small show that gives you the theme of the faire this year and introduces the king and his court.

King Richards Faire: Tale of the Tiger

Tale of the Tiger was the first program that we went to. This has been a favorite of the girls for a while now. The Tale of the Tiger is an up close look at tigers and other rare and endanger big cats. They bring them out on stage using a leash. The tigers range in age and size. Every year is something different. This year we were a golden tabby tigers, Bengal white tiger and many others in different ages and sizes.

King Richards Faire: Tale of the Tiger

When the tiger show is not going you can watch very young tigers play. This trip they were 15 weeks old tigers.

King Richards Faire: Tale of the Tiger

Kings Joust is done in 3 parts during the day. We only went to the first part. The girls like watching it. It can be dusty and is the only area in the faire were smoking is allowed. So be sure to watch where you are standing or sitting.

King Richards Faire: Tale of the Tiger

The girls went on a pony ride while there were at the fair. They each enjoyed it.

King Richards Faire: Tale of the Tiger

We did wander around and see a lot of the exhibits and people selling items. It was lots of fun for everyone. They enjoyed the whole trip! We even found something fun for the girls there. This is where we got our Celtic Therapy Plates.

Some final thoughts: Before you go to a Renaissance Faire I suggest you review with you kids what they might see. That people will be dressed up and acting out parts. It can be upsetting to some if they are not prepared for it. Also check to make sure the food they offer your kids can eat. They did offer gluten free foods but this visit they were out of a lot of the foods my daughter would most likely eat. We had extra food in the car for when we left for home.

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