Little Red Hen and Making Bread

The Little Red Hen is a class folktale story. It is one that is fun to read and learn from. We read the book and learned about making bread and the steps that we did.

Little Red Hen

We read The Little Red Hen (Little Golden Book) and then made bread.

Amelia put the ingredients in the mixer. We talked about the sizes of cups and how many of them we put in each time.

Little Red Hen and Making Bread -

The dough was mixed and covered to rise.

Little Red Hen and Making Bread -

After a second mixing we cut up the dough into 5 parts and kneaded it.

Little Red Hen and Making Bread - 3Dinsoaurs.comMaking Bread

We baked the bread. Afterwards Amelia put a glaze on the top of the bread.

Little Red Hen and Making Bread -

This was a fun process and got Amelia involved a lot. Mary watched from the side and looked at the mixer while we made the dough. After it was all done the girls enjoyed the results.

Little Red Hen and Making Bread -

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Little Red Hen Pack -

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4 Responses to Little Red Hen and Making Bread

  1. What a wonderful way to extend the book. I bet the bread was wonderful!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

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  3. Gail says:

    Fantastic. What a wonderful thing to do with the kids.. I make bread for the mission here to help feed the needy. Your kids might enjoy that also. Fun .

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