Mystic Aquarium Trip Review

Mystic Aquarium
Name: Mystic Aquarium
Location: Mystic, Connecticut
Length of stay: 3 1/2 hours

Mystic Aquarium is a great experience to see many different animals that live in the ocean. There is a wide range to see from Beluga Whales and Penguins to Rays and jellyfish. This is a great collect that is both indoor and outdoor. Each area is lined with people to help answers questions.

We started with the outside first. The girls saw the beluga whales and had to see them. It was so much fun to watch them above and below. We enjoyed every minute of it. There was a person on hand that was telling people which whales were at the windows and information about them. They also could answered any questions you had as well.

Mystic Aquarium

The next stop we made was the sea lions. The girls liked to watch them swim around in the area below. It was nice hear about the seals and information while watching them swim.

Mystic Aquarium

African Penguins was the favorite of Mary’s. She watched them swim around and loved the little statues that were near them. It was fun to see them on the island, swimming around and below the water.

Mystic Aquarium

Birds of the Outback was a fun. The girls got to hold out seeds and feeds the birds. The birds from Australia flew around the room.

Mystic Aquarium

A small Marsh Lands areas was here as well. We saw several small fish and frogs. There were also some small ducks.

Mystic Aquarium

We did a small trip inside and enjoyed the variety of fish they had for us to see. There was a small area to pet sharks and rays. Also lots of collections jellyfish, sharks, and lots of different types of fish.

Mystic Aquarium

Rose and Mary enjoyed the ray tank. They both had their hands in the tank until the ray got there. They petted one ray and then enjoyed watching them swim.

Mystic Aquarium

The whole trip was enjoyed by all! It was a great place to see Animals for the Ocean.

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