November 2013 Book Finds

November Book Finds

Another month has passed as we are at the end of November. We have been reading lots of books this month. It is always hard to pick just a few books for the next month. Do you look for new books to try out each month? The next time you visit the library ask them about what new books have come in! Check out my post on using the library!

I know that Thanksgiving is over but for next year check out: Over the River and Through the Wood. I remember singing the song when I was little but this book brought it all back.

Christmas Farm is a book about a Christmas Tree farm! I love it you see the trees from start to finish and has information in the back about trees and how they grow!

Dot. is a cut book about all a girl that knows a lot about technology. In the book she does not care about other things. But she goes outside and proves that she does know a lot. One part I like about the book is that words we use with technology are also used for play in the book.

Monsters Love Colors was a favorite this month for the girls and I. we read and read this book over and over. We did several activities with this book. I posted about one of them our Watercolor Color Wheel.

Dinosaur Kisses is a fun book about a baby dinosaur that hatches and wants to see the world. She tries a few new things and then sees a kiss and wants to do that too! She does her best but does not get it right. It is fun to follow her around to see what happens. It has nice big words for lots of fun!

This was a fun book for months. We read a lot and was hard to pick just a few books to tell you about. The girls each had their favorite books. We are all looking forward to Christmas books over the next month.

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