Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice

I love to have different activities to keep kids moving. And my girls love it too! You can always have fun and mix things up with the gross motor dice.

They are a great way to get kids moving and grooving with different themes that are fun. Today we have the free Halloween themed gross motor dice. It is nice and easy way to move and have fun!

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We have several Halloween books we just love at our house. Every year we always make sure to read at least these two books: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! and Room on the Broom. And my girls love gross motor so I took some themes from the books and made this gross motor dice activity.

Items to use with Halloween Gross Motor Dice

The items below may change as you use the dice inserts as just cards, you make the dice or you use the cube inserts in a cube dice. These are just some items you might use.

The Halloween Gross Motor Dice

We look a lot of themes from our favorite books and also took one of our favorite Halloween costumes, Frankenstein, to be in the set.

You have the following movements: cauldron, Frankenstein, bat, cat, ghost, frog.

There are two versions of the dice a cube dice insert or a folding dice. We always use cube dice because they last longer. We printed them on cardstock to help the inserts last longer.

Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids  #freeprintable #3dinosaurs #grossmotor #grossmotordice #3dinosaurs

The Halloween Gross Motor Movements

There are 6 movements on the dice. They are all fun themes from Halloween. I tried to pick images that were not scary but fun. You can see a description of the movements below for each side of the dice.

Walk like Frankenstein: You walk with straight arms and legs.

Stir the Cauldron: You have a pretend cauldron in from of you and you stir it in big circular motions while pretending to hold a stick.

Fly like a Bat: You flap your arms really fast. You can have them straight our or short up to your side. We love to make a flapping noise while doing the bat movement.

Arch your back like a Cat: You get on your hands and knees and arch your back up and down.

Float like a Ghost: You lay on your tummy and lift up your arms and legs. Or you can pretend to drift or float around the room.

Jump Lik a Frog I just love this little frog and we love jumping like a frog so it was a fun one to add.

Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids  #freeprintable #3dinosaurs #grossmotor #grossmotordice #3dinosaurs

Adding number and speed dice with the Halloween Gross Motor Dice

One thing I love about dice is that you can always add more. Each set has a speed dice which means you can add three different speeds they do the movements. This can make it fun and silly and changes a few things.

Another dice you can add is a number dice. We use this a lot and some times without the speed dice. So we repeat the movement so many times. We use the numbers from our number dice. They go great plus I can reuse the dice over and over.

Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids  #freeprintable #3dinosaurs #grossmotor #grossmotordice #3dinosaurs

Plus with the cube dice, my girls love that they can throw them up in the air and the dice last longer. I can’t tell you the number of times they have hit the ceiling!

Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids  #freeprintable #3dinosaurs #grossmotor #grossmotordice #3dinosaurs

What is in the Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice

  • Halloween Themed movements: cauldron, Frankenstein, bat, cat, ghost, frog
  • Dice for different speeds: slow, fast, normal
  • Two types: cube dice or make your own die
Free Halloween Themed Gross Motor Dice - with two dice for movements and speed. They have Halloween themes to have fun moving with - 3Dinosaurs.com #halloween #grossmotor #freeprintable

What you will find in the Halloween Gross Motor Set

This is a full set with gross motor dice, gross motor chart, rolling games, and gross motor task cards. Loads of fun ways to explore the Halloween movements that can work for many different settings.

Halloween Gross Motor Dice - with dice, rolling dice sheets, and gross motor cards so you can do fun fall movements. These are perfect for brain breaks and mini gross motor centers - 3Dinosaurs.com

  • Gross motor movement dice with folding and two cube dice options
  • Speed dice with folding and two cube dice options
  • Number dice with 1 to 12 options with folding and two cube dice options
  • Halloween Gross Motor Movement Chart
  • Halloween Gross Motor Spinning Mat
  • Halloween Gross Motor Movement Task Cards with 8 cards total
  • Rolling Halloween Gross Motor – Single Movement
  • Rolling Halloween Gross Motor – Two movements to match each die roll
  • 18 pages
  • Price: $3

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