Great Book Finds from November 2016

I think that finding new books to read is TONS of fun and my library loves when we visit because we are always taking home bags full of books to read. Plus it is fun to see what books my girls will pick out.

Every month we are on the look out for new books! This month’s books has a mix from the library and some we bought. Finding new and exciting books is fun. Plus there are so many books that come out each month. You can never get bored looking.

As with every month, we picked out some of our favorites. We have some that are repeated authors for us this month. Plus some new authors.

November 2016 Book Finds: friends, elephant and piggie, fear, family, pets, dragons, knights, books, and plants -

As with always, I have a link to Amazon for each of the books. You can read more and sometimes get a look inside each of the books!

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! We Are Growing! is a new book series where Piggie and Elephant introduce us to a new book and then we can read it. They you get their thoughts afterwards. We are in love with this book and series!

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The Cookie Fiasco is the second book in the Piggie and Elephant Like Reading. I have just loved how these book come together and work so well. Plus we get to explore new authors we might like. Plus get some Elephant and Piggie too!

Nanette’s Baguette is a fun new book by Mo Willems! It has so many “et” rhyming words it was almost a tongue twister to read! You learn about responsiblity and doing what you say you will do.

Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet I love this book because it is simple and I love the pet he gets. I like that it shows how creative you can be with something simple and fun. Plus his pet finds him!

Plants Can’t Sit Still has to be one of our favorite books we got from the library. It shows just how much plants are moving all the time. I love all the movement words that are highlighted in the book. Plus you can wiggle and squirm along as you reed the book!

A Child of Books is a great book about words make stores and how they are apart of our imagination. I love all the words and text from stores you see in the book while you are reading. You can see so many fun words in the book.

The Storybook Knight is about a knight that does not want to fight. He enjoys reading and his parents want him to fight the dragon. So off he goes but meets other monsters along the way and does his thing without fighting. We really had fun reading this one.

Can I Tell You a Secret? is a cute book about being afraid of something and work up the courage to tell someone about it. I love how this little frog goes about telling his secret.

Chicken Lily is about a chicken who is not brave. But sometimes you can work through your fear and do something that might make you scared.

So what new books did you find this month?

November Book Finds

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