Plank Board Snowflake

We have been doing a lot of exploring with just play and simple plank boards It has been a fun way to do some hands on out of the box learning. For post of this we made some plank board snowflakes! It was fun to see how creative they can be. Plus this is an easy activity to set up as well.

Each of them made something that was uniquely theirs. That all snowflakes are different.

Plank Board Snowflake -

We talked about how snowflakes are always the same on both sides. This meant that to her no matter what we made it had to look the same. It had to have symmetry. This was also a continuation of our reading the book: Snow (Sunburst Books). We made our first snowflake that fell from the sky. We also looked at some pictures of snowflakes that we got recently to see what we could see about them that was fun.

Plank Board Snowflake -

What you need for this activity: Structures 200 Plank Set and also some of the ingredients from the Snowflake Sensory Bin.

Plank Board Snowflake -

For the first challenge she took a snowflake from the Snowflake Sensory Bin. She wanted to make one just like it. We pulled out some boards and worked on this project together. She picked out how it should look and I followed her lead in the project.

Plank Board Snowflake -

My challenge to her was to make her own snowflake that was all her and see what she would create. She enjoyed this and took the challenge. We started her layout and had fun and loved every minute of it.

Plank Board Snowflake -

After she had finisher her own snowflake she wanted to decorate it. She picked out pieces she needed to store out from the Snowflake Sensory Bin to help wit her decorating. She made an ABC pattern on the long parts of the snowflake.

Plank Board Snowflake -

This was a totally fun activity for her and me! I love that we created something fun and learned at the same time. Here is a look at our two snowflakes!

Plank Board Snowflake -

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18 Responses to Plank Board Snowflake

  1. Stacie says:

    This is a creative idea. I have never seen plank boards like this before. I was going to ask if you made them or bought them but reading through the post I figured it out. We will be working on a winter theme soon. I might just have my daughter use her building blocks to make some for the time being.

    • Cassie says:

      I love this Keva boards! We have been playing with them for weeks now and we always enjoy making something new. My youngest can’t always build up but she can do great 1D projects. I hope to do a full review of them soon!

  2. Mary says:

    We don’t have plank board, but we do have building blocks and Lego’s. I bet we could make some fun snowflakes with those. Thanks for the great cold weather activity!

  3. Echo says:

    I love this idea! Motor skills, creativity, sequencing! So many great skills in one activity!

  4. What a fun use for plank boards!

  5. I’ve never seen these toys before, but they look like great open-ended fun!

  6. Jill says:

    You are so creative Cassie! This looks like such a fun learning opportunity for kids 🙂

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  12. Brooke Hauser says:

    This was a terrific activity! I modeled working with a partner. We each took turns adding something to the symmetry and helping to make each snowflake branch the same. It worked so well and we had so much fun! We worked through the design process modeling and evaluating — even with Kindergarteners!

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