Playing In Leaves

Playing in Leaves

What should have been a craft and activity afternoon turned into lets play in the leaves. Some times going off the scheduled plans means having just a little bit more fun. With the weather here turning nasty really soon. This was the last chance to enjoy something that was a fun fall activity. We always need to take the time to enjoy the little things and not always worry about what is and what is not.

This gave us a great time to play with a pile of leaves that was almost as tall as the girls! It took real effort to run through the leaves and play. We made trails and ran around them. Everyone had a great time outside just enjoying the day. It was a great sensory and gross motor activity. You can see our last time here with great ideas for gross motor playing in leaves.

Playing in Leaves

With that in mind. We are in an area where the power may go out over the next few days. If I don’t post as much I’m sorry for that in advance. We are getting ready for the storms. Good luck to all during that time.

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2 Responses to Playing In Leaves

  1. Becky says:

    Looks like they had a blast in the leaves. Good luck with the storm!

  2. Kendall says:

    Stay safe in the storms!

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