Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words

I often get asked how do you use this printable? Well I use it any way that I can think of. I never let a printable be used just one way. We are once again using some of the early reader printables: the Dot Marker CVC Word Family Words.

I have several different types of early reader printables for the CVC Word Families. My girls really love the Dot Marker Words. I thought it was time to change up our activity. What is more fun than doing a q-tip painting activity while reviewing the words!

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

Each time I look at the printables I always ask what is a different way I can use the same printable. I did a post earlier showing how to make the ABC Dot Markers into a fine motor and ABC review at the same time: ABC Dot Fine Motor Activity.

My youngest is starting to want to read and do activities for it. We did the CVC Dot Marker Works with playdough the first time. She is into painting and playdough. So this tie I printed them 9 per page and we used q-tips and color of her choice to paint the words.

What you need: paint, q-tips and the Dot Marker CVC Word Family Words.

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

The first step is to print all the pages on on sheet. You need to be 9 pages on 1 page. How to Print all on one page Directions:

  • Pages to print: Pages 2 to 10 (using at example)
  • Page Size & Handling: Multiple
  • Pages per sheet: 9
  • Page Order: Horizontal
  • Orientation: Landscape
Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

My youngest went right into painting the words. After each word was finished we said what word was. This was a fun way to review.

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

When we finished all the words we read through them again. If she has problem we sound out each letter or continue on to the next word.

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

When you project dries there are a few things you can do with them. They make fun flash cards. They like them because they made them. You can use them to match other flash cards or building up words. Ours end up on our word wall while we are reviewing.

Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words - 3Dinosaurs.com

Now that you have seen one way to use them check out the Ways To Use Dot Marker Sight Words. It has a few different ideas on how to use the dot marker word printables.

Here are some things we plan on using with this activity:

Check out these printables and other activities:

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  3. Ashley says:

    A great way to use dot pages when you don’t have the markers!

  4. Victoria says:

    This is such a great idea! Definitely trying them out with my 5 year old daughter.

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