Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a great theme for this time of year. There are so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree. We did this fun q-tip painting activity to get some fun fine motor activities in. This is also and easy activity that the child can lead where they want to go with it.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

I love reading the book Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree. It goes perfectly with this theme. You can enjoy how many trees are made from one tree. Plus the q-tip is great for working on fine motor control.

What you need for this activity: q-tips , christmas tree cookie cutter , paints and paint tray.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

This is such a fun activity to do. The stamping on the trees if fun and she got to pick where they put the trees.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

Next was the fun part of painting with the q-tips. You can so many different things with them. I gave her several colors to work with. She had her own ideas of what she would be doing.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

After she did all the trees she said I’m done! Take a picture of it. I took the picture of her “finished product”.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

She walked 2 feet from the table and said hey I want to paint the rest of the paper and she sat down and did just that! This is following their lead. They want to paint more let them!

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

Here is a look at the final picture.

Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees - 3Dinosaurs.com

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5 Responses to Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees

  1. Sarah says:

    Adorable idea! We may have to give this a try later this afternoon, my son loves q-tip painting.

  2. Sue O'Mullan says:

    I think her painting is exquisite! I love how she made one tree happy and one tree pink and I just love the entire composition! You have quite an artist on your hands!!!!!

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