Rock Zen Garden

After enjoying our Rock Sensory Bin from the other week, the girls wanted to do something different with the rocks. We explore the different ways you can create artwork in the sand with rocks and made our own Zen Gardens.

Rock Zen Garden - easy fine motor and calm down activity -

My girls love the movie Cars 2. In the movie they are in Japan and you see a car raking sand. We talked about how it was a Zen Garden. That they started with nice smooth sand and put in rocks or other items and make a pattern in the sand. After we talked about it and watched that part of the video then made our own Zen Rock Gardens.

What you need for this activity: rocks (we used those from the Rock Sensory Bin), stick to draw with and thin layer of sand.

Rock Zen Garden -

She started by placing the rocks in the sand. She had a choice of pushing into the sand or just placing it nicely on top. We noticed the different sounds the rocks made going into the sand. You had to be careful to hear the sound.

Rock Zen Garden -

The next part was for all of them. They loved drawing lines around the rocks and creating patterns.

Rock Zen Garden -

Here is a look at the final project of the first time doing this.

Rock Zen Garden -

This was a great activity for the girls they got to create and play with rocks and work on fine motor skills. Once they finished on project they could smooth out the sand and start again. It gave them lots of time to just sit and and calm down.

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Rock Zen Garden - easy fine motor and calm down activity -

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9 Responses to Rock Zen Garden

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  2. Mihaela says:

    Great play idea and so easy to set up!

  3. My daughter would love this. The rocks are so pretty!

  4. I love this as an after-school idea – it’s such a great way to calm down after a hectic day!

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