September 2015 Book Finds

Each month my girls and I always look for fun new book finds! We are never let down with all the fun books we find. We look in bookstores, museums, and libraries. It is fun to go through and see what new books we can find. This month is a collection from the library and bookstores. I love having new books in the house to read.

September 2015 Book Finds: London, WWII, afraid, history, the moon, soldier families, goodnight songs, and reading books -

A Celebration of the Seasons: Goodnight Songs: Illustrated by Twelve Award-Winning Picture Book Artists is a great collection of songs for night. I love the CD inside as well. Each song is illustrated by a different artist! The book is so much fun to look, read and listen to. I also know that we will be checking out the book that came before it: Goodnight Songs: Illustrated by Twelve Award-Winning Picture Book Artists.

Orion and the Dark is a book about a boy that is afraid of the dark. Then dark comes to help me not be afraid of the dark. I love all the illustrations in the book. There is always something to see or look for. I love how the pages and fun and creative. I also like the smaller pages and work so well with the book. You get to explore all of the dark including the night sky.

Stone Angel is a story about a girl who lives in Paris but must flee when the Nazi come. It is about leaving their home and making the trek to England and then returning home. It is a good story to introduce kids to a part of history that happened.

The Queen’s Hat is about a gust of wind that blew away the queens hat and their journey to get it back. I love the story because it tells you place in London in a fun way. You also get to see more and more guards along the way. Plus see what creative things the guards and the queen do to get the hat back.

Again! is a book for the parents that read the same book over and over. This was great fun to read. Plus be sure to look at the pages of the book. Even on title pages, because they are apart of the book! How often as parents whenw e read the book again do we not read the whole book? Or have you ever yawned while reading a book? Then read this one and have a fun laugh with your kids. Plus it has dragons and dragons are always a plus at our house!

Papa’s Backpack is a book about those families that have soldiers who leave. It is a wish about a bear cub that would love to travel with papa. He would ride in the backpack and tell papa how important and strong he is. I love the book that shows such strong emotions that families go through when one of them goes off for a while.

The Great Moon Hoax is a story about the moon haux from 1835. Paper boys on the street yelled out all about the new discoveries. It is a good look at how crazy the headlines they yelled were. It is also a good look at how they lived their lives. It was a fun history lesson and a fun read.

September Book Finds

What books did you find this month?

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  1. Emma says:

    I want to check out Again! I can definitely relate to reading a book over and over again!

  2. Alison says:

    These look great! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop this week!

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