St Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and here is two fun crafts for it: Tissue Paper Shamrocks and Shamrock Stamping

Tissue Paper Shamrocks

Items needed: shamrock cut out, 2 colors of green tissue papers cut into 1 inch squares, glue, and optional plate. Both girls where shown two different ways to cover the shamrock: lay the paper flat as they did with the stained glass hearts or crinkle the paper and make it stand up more. Both were given the option to put the glue on the shamrock or to put it on a plate to dip their paper in.

My oldest started to crinkle the paper and put the glue on the shamrock. She got frustrated after a slow start and covered the shamrock flat tissue paper.

My middle wanted to lay hers flat and put the glue in a tray to dip the tissue paper in. She covered most of the shamrock flat to start with and then added some height with the crinkle paper.

Shamrock Stamping

Items needed: shamrock cookie cutter, 2 paints: green and white, paper, plate. We placed the paint on a plate and A. mixed them together.

A. started her stamping. A. wanted to make sure to cover the main area of the picture. We talked about making a tunnel with the stamps close together. Then she covered one main area with the stamp over and over. M. Got up from her nap and join in on the stamping fun. M. walked up and asked for paper and brought her apron to sit down and join A. stamping.

M. made sure to cover as much of her painting apron as she did the paper. She wore a smile the whole time doing it. I just could not get a picture of her grin.

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  1. Love the shamrock art!! Cookie cutters make such great stamps!!

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  3. This is a wonderful post! I have it featured in a St. Patrick’s Day craft post on my blog today!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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