The Dinosaur Place Review

Name: The Dinosaur Place
Location: Oakdale, Connecticut
Length of stay: 4 hours

The Dinosaur Place is divided between large inside and outside areas. It has a wide range of activities for all ages. We had so much fun and spent more time than expected.

Dino Trails
Walk a 1-1/2 miles of trails and see over 30 life-sized dinosaur statues. This is an area where they can walk right up and see just how big they really were. Along the trails are “What Am I?” boxes. In them they explored and learned more about dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Place Review

Monty’s Playground
The playground has slides, ropes to climb on, and a triceratops head to play in.

The Dinosaur Place Review
The Dinosaur Place Review

You can see the maze from above or go through it. At the end of the maze, you can go through the T-Rex mouth to slide out.

The Dinosaur Place Review

Splash Pad
This was not open while we were visiting but looks to be lots of fun. When it is open the cost is added to your ticket price.

We looked at the shop, gems, and fossils, but ran out of time to do more. The girls loved looking at the fossils after seeing the statues outside. They correctly named all the dinosaurs in the shop. It was fun to look around. No pictures are allowed inside the shop. We did opt not to do the inside activities because of the cost.

The Pond
We saw ducks and turtles around the pond. There is information about the various types of ducks you can find in the area. On one side of the pond, a volcano goes off every hour.

The Dinosaur Place Review

The trip was a huge success overall. Each had their favorite part. We even did all the trails twice. They have not stopped talking about this trip. This was our second trip there and they still loved it. They noticed everything new and all the changes since our last visit.

Favorite picture from the trip:

The Dinosaur Place Review

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  1. Wow…loved the review and comments. The Dinosaur Place are clients and friends. Just a heads up that the website link is to the state park…not to This happens often…:)

    Glad you had a great time! 🙂 M2

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