Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting

In each of the BOB Books Printables is a section for writing sentences with the words. This is not always something you want to have them do at a young age. Today I’m going to show you an alternative to writing, and still using this early reading printable with your child.

Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting -  BOB Books Set 1 Book 1 -

The early reading printables writing pages from the BOB Books prinables are not something I want to use with my 4 year old right now, but they do make a great pages for sorting words. This combines fine motor and learning words. This uses the one of the word paths pages. You can see more about using the words paths here. Which every word path you print will have that word the most. We used the “Sam” word path. So the most words we will find are “Sam”.

What you need for this activity: one word path cut into strips and writing pages 6 per page printed fromEarly Reader Printables BOB Books Set 1, glue stick, scissors and dot marker.

Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting -  BOB Books Set 1 Book 1 -

To print 6 per page:
1. Select pages 13 through 18. (Or pages you need from which ever BOB Books Set you are using.)
2. Move to multiple under Size & handling
3. In Pages per sheet select 6
4. Page order should be Horizontal
5. Orientation should be Portrait.

First thing you do is review the words on the paper. You can ask them the words or have them point to the words and tell you what the words are. The paper has six pages printed on one page.

Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting -  BOB Books Set 1 Book 1 -

I gave her three rows of the word paths to cut up. She would cut between each of the words and then paste the words on the printed charted.

Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting -  BOB Books Set 1 Book 1 -

Once you have used the ones you cut up look over the page and see which had the most. As stated before it will vary from word path which has the most. You can always guess at the start as to which page will have the most.

Using Early Reader Printables: Word Sorting -  BOB Books Set 1 Book 1 -

I encourage you not to throw away the ones you don’t use. They can be used later with other activities and sets. Also after you have finished up the word sorting read through the dot marker book that you are working on.

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  1. Jeanine says:

    You my dear, are a gem. An absolute gem! It’s your follower from facebook (with the iPad PDF technical difficulties)… Just before I lost all hope at all: it worked! I just retried everything on the iPad and was successful at the Letter Tt activities! I wanted to stop by and thank you again! Also, keeping these older games on file for when the preschoolers ready! THANK YOU for all you do & kindly share with your readers 😀

  2. Great ideas here, Cassie! Thanks for linking up with The Thoughtful Spot!

  3. Clare says:

    What a great idea – I never would have thought of repurposing them. #supermommyclub

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