Water Color Fish – Commotion in the Ocean

Water Color Fish

We have been having a Ocean week here! We have been doing the Ocean Pack. We did this fun activity with to go with my week. We read the book Commotion in the Ocean. It is a nice book of small poems about different fish. It is fun to read the book and then find the star fish on each page.

What you need: paper, Crayola 12ct Watercolor Colored Pencils, foam stickers (optional), crayons (not washable), foam brushes, and bowl with water.

Water Color Fish

First they covered their paper with blue water color pencils. This took a bit of effort on their part. They did not want to cover the whole paper.

Water Color Fish

The girls either traced a fish (optional) or made their own fish with crayons (not washable).

Water Color Fish

After they were done coloring they dipped their foam brush in the water and spread the water over the paper.

Water Color Fish

The final product.

Water Color Fish

Each got different results on their paper. It was fun to do! One note this is the second time we did this. The first time we used washable crayons and it did not turn out so well.

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  3. Emily says:

    I just want to say thanks yet again for your printables! My son just started preschool and his first field trip to an aquarium is tomorrow. He will LOVE doing a few fish-related things tonight to get him ready for the trip tomorrow! I LOVE that I can come to your site, search, download a pack and have a new activity ready for him with no work for me in about 10 minutes!


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