10 Fun Gross Motor Ideas For Kids

Gross motor is loads of fun for kids to do! It gets them moving and grooving. It does not have to be something hard but something fun we can do.

There are all great ideas to get kids moving around! You can read books, use gross motor dice, printable lists and more!

10 Fun Gross Motor Ideas For Kids - Fun ways to get kids moving and doing - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

All of these posts are sure to get your kids up and moving! These are some of my favorite gross motor posts!

I love mixing up gross motor activities. There are so many ways you can do them!

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs Gross Motor: Get kids moving with a Book by reading Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs and then do some fun gross motor movements while you read the book!

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor is a fun farm themed gross for book. You can have fun reading and moving at the same time!

Beach Themed Gross Motor Dice For Summer Fun is a fun gross motor dice that kids can have fun with.

Gross Motor Printable List At a loss of what gross motor to do! These lists help kids find fun ways to do activity in several different movement types. It is easy to reuse and check off after they can do it.

30 Days of Moving with Kids has some fun gross motor ideas that you can do with kids! It is fun and easy to do! Plus you can do some of them all year long!

Gross Motor Fun: Jumping Jacks Dice is a great way to change up a classic gross motor movement! You can work it in parts and together.

Paper Roll Gross Motor Dice is a fun movement activit you can do with kids and reuse your paper rolls!

Animal Walking Themed Gross Motor Dice is loads of fun for a zoo theme for just animal lovers. Loads of animal activities to do!

Hopping Fun Gross Motor Dice is a fun way to burn off some energy. We love using these dice after school to get extra wiggles out! Plus they make great brain breaks.

Bear Walk Gross Motor Dice gives you fun gross motor directions for your bear walking!

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8 Responses to 10 Fun Gross Motor Ideas For Kids

  1. Theresa says:

    These are great ideas! I pinned your post so that I can visit all the links later when we are ready to try them out. Thank you.

  2. Carla says:

    I love that Balance Cushion idea!! It would be awesome for my kiddos with spd issues!

  3. Erika says:

    My littles and I love playing the animal movement red light/green light game. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas in one place 🙂

  4. Jill says:

    Cassie, no words could do justice right now to what your friendship has meant to me over the years and especially the last few months. You have been nothing short of amazing friend as I battle this health crisis. It’s wonderful to have a friend like you, who is always there for me when I need you most. Thank you SO much for your kind words, support, and for sharing articles from my site.

  5. So many fun gross motor activities! I’ve got to get some of those cubes! Thanks so much for helping me organize this blog hop & for participating!

  6. Cassie, Thanks for all your work on this hop. It was so nice of you to give your time to do this.
    We love gross motor activities. It is great to have all of those rounded up so we can see all of the wonderful things from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s site.

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