30 Days of Moving with Kids

A year ago my friend Maureen did a challenge that was 30 days of movement with your kids. This is not just for your kids. It is for you to do as well! So my challenge for April is to do 30 days of moving with my kids.

30 Days of Moving with Kids

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • dance: fast, slow, silly, etc.
  • crab walk
  • obstacle course
  • walk outside
  • outside scavenger hunt: take pictures of the area and have the kids run around to find them
  • play in the park
  • animal dancing
  • animal walking
  • crab soccer
  • hop scotch: do a number or ABCs for the squares
  • ABC tape
  • froggy toy pick up
  • wheel barrow
  • froggy hop across the room
  • roll around different ways
  • tug of war or pulling
  • alternating stairs: put colored sock on the kids and have them matching the colored sock to the color on the step,then switch socks
  • hop: 1 leg, both, forward and backwards, side ways
  • freeze dance
  • kick a ball around between each other
  • run between two points
  • tag
  • jump over tape lines: forward, backward, sideways, arms crossed, legs apart and together
  • jumping in place: arms crossed, eyes closed, legs apart and together
  • jump counting: see how many times you can jump without stopping
  • toss a ball through a hoola-hoop
  • walk on tape lines: straight, curved, zigzag, etc.
  • musical chairs
  • pretend sports: swimming, rope climbing, mountain climbing, fishing, skiing, etc.
  • straight leg walking: walk and don’t bend your legs
  • roll like a ball: pretend to be a snow ball or rock
  • flower: pretend to be a flower that is growing
  • snowman: pretend to be a snowman being made up from the floor and then melt down to the ground
  • Simon says
  • march: Straight arms and legs matching right arm to left leg and left arm to right leg
  • draw circles with arms and legs
  • push a ball around with different body parts: arms, head, elbow, knee
  • throw a ball up and count bounces before catching: 1 bounce, then do two etc
  • kick a ball: use one leg at a time and then switch
  • toss a stuffed animal on a blanket
  • bean bag toss: to a hopscotch
  • bean bag toss: to letters or numbers mats saying what number or letter you got
  • jumping jacks: be a stick then make an X

This was a great idea then and still a great idea now! 30 days of fitness with your kids! If you have other ideas please comment!

Here is a Free 30 Days of Gross Motor Tracking Printable! A great way to keep track of what you have done.

Update: I also recently made a printable list to go with this click here to check it out!

In the printable you will find: Lists for some of the following types of movements: Rolling & Running, Coordination Movements, Kicking, Throwing or Tossing, Pretend Movements, Jumping & Hoping, Animal & Insect, Walking & Marching, Classic Games, and Dance & Music.

Be sure and check it out!

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11 Responses to 30 Days of Moving with Kids

  1. Oh, I love, love, love this….thank you for INSPIRING me! 🙂

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  4. Veens says:

    Amazing resource and some really fun ideas. I am going to do the 31 days of gross motor challenge – and this list makes it really easy for the no-idea moma, that I am 🙂
    Thank you.

  5. andrina Mandalika says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 great idea !

  6. LOVE this list! Thank you for sharing it on our FB page today. A quick and easy reminder to get kids moving a bit each day!

  7. Claire says:

    Hello and Happy Monday! We wanted to let you know that we’ve featured this activity in our Movement Monday Roundup today at The Inspired Treehouse! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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