Great Book Finds for May 2017

May was a crazy month for us. It was a first we did not check out books but just read books at the library. I enjoyed it but was so different not to be able to read and reread the books! I picked some of our favorite books from the month.

We are always looking for new books and this was different and fun for us! We did loads of reading out loud to each other and some solo reading. Yes, I did some reading as well. I love reading picture books as much as my girls do.

May 2017 Books Finds: 
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All of the books have links to Amazon where you can find out more information and previews for the books. Any purchases give a small amount of money to help 3 Dinosaurs out!

Get the Wiggles Out (School Time Songs) is a great book to do just that get the wiggles out. It has great suggeestions for wiggling and then sitting still. Plus the book also comes with a CD you can play as well! I love al lthe wiggly ideas.

Thunder Underground is a with poems about what is underground. It has animals, bugs, subways, dinosaurs and more! There is an inde for all the different poems. So you can read your favorite underground first!

Lexie the Word Wrangler is a fun books about words. The book has some fun compond words and how just removing one letter can change words. I love all the great new vocab you can also find at the end of the book if they don’t understand some of the words she says.

Over and Under the Pond is a book we just loved. We have seen several other books by the same author and loved them. This one is about ponds. I love that you can see the different animals that might be around and in the pond. Plus there is detailed information about each at the end of the book. This book would be great for a pond study.

Dorothea Lange: The Photographer Who Found the Faces of the Depression is not a normal book that we might have picked up but I just LOVED it. History is important and reading about history is great as well. This book is about a woman who took some of the most famous pictures of the drepession. It talks about why she took the pictures. It shows some of the pictures at the end of the book and has more details about who Dorothea Lange was.

Niko Draws a Feeling is a book we enjoyed a lot. This is a book about a boy that draws how things make him feel from the sound of an ice cream truck to seeing a butterfly. He is not understood by people who look at his drawings. Then he makes a new friend. I love the story that not every child sees things the same way.

Stop Feedin’ da Boids! is about a girl who moves from the country to the city but does not see that many animals, until she starts feeding the birds. Not everyone is happy with her feeding the birds. We had a fun time laughing while reading the book.

What new book did you find this month?

May Book Finds -

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