Fun to Read February 2016 Book Finds

Every month it is fun to look for new picture books to read. We find new books, old books and sometimes favorites we loved a lot. it has become something we look forward to while at the library.

This month is a collection from my library trips. Each of my girls has picked out their favorites for the month. I love that even my 5th grader looks for picture books to read. You are never too old to read picture books. They can be a challenge for younger kids but loads of fun when you can read.

We have a few favorite authors we always look for but new reading books are always fun.

February 2017 Book Finds: animals, fears, pets, eggs, friends, counting -

As always there is a link to Amazon so you can check out the books and any sales go to help support 3 Dinosaurs.

Billions of Bricks: A Counting Book About Building is a wonderful way to look at counting. You count by 2 and 10 and more. Plus you see a building going up. Loads of bricks you can count while reading the book.

Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet is a fun book about a goldfish in a bowl that wants a pet. Just how does a goldfish get a pet? Well just read and find out. I love the creative ways that this brings different pets in. Plus I also love where the goldfish is!

Egg by Kevin Kenkes is fun graphic novel for kids. I love that it has just a few words but lots of different eggs and a surprise. It is fun to read and see how you read the same word over and over.

Ooko is a fox who has it all. But soon learns he does not have a Debbie or a friend. The fox takes off to find his own Debbie. I love the journey and plus the story has a happy ending. It was fun to find out who his friend would be.

I Don’t Like Koala is a book about how a boy does not like koala and fears koala. He does everything to get rid of it but always finds it back home. But in the end you find out koala is not so bad. I love the emotions you see in the book.

Wally Does Not Want a Haircut is about facing your fear. It is fun to see how everyone is trying to help Wally out. He just does not want it. The book can make you laugh and have a good time while learning about fears.

5 Little Ducks is a great way to learn subtraction by one with the days of the week. It starts with Monday and works through Saturday with subtracting one duck each day.

Did you find any fun books this month?

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