Fun Book Finds from December 2016

Every month we always pick out our favorite books to share with you. Why do I always do this? Because you never know what fun book you might find to read. Plus not all picture books are for preschoolers. Picture books are good for reading a long time.

Every month we look at the picture books and pick out our favorites! This month we found all out books at the library. I make sure that we visit the library at least once a week. It is important for them to know how to use it and fun for me to see new books as well!

December 2016 Book Finds: abcs, owls, the moon, knitting, bugs, stories, history, and bedtime -

As always I have a link to Amazon so you can find out more about the book. A lot of them have previews of the book you can check out. And any sales help keep 3 Dinosaurs going.

How to Put Your Parents to Bed is riot to read. I had one we liked before about putting mom to bed. This one is about a child noticing parents are sleep and need to get to bed. My girls and I had a laugh reading the book.

An Excessive Alphabet: Avalanches of As to Zillions of Zs was really fun to look at. This is a great ABC book to read with kids. You can look all over the pictures for the different pictures and letters on the page. You can even have your child tell you what all the pictures are! My favorite is part is the last page that has you looking for pictures in the book. Even my 11 year old loved it!

Du Iz Tak? is a fun book about two dameslflies and them wanting to build a fort. This is a fun book because there is an inventend language to read. It is fun and silly and great to figure out what the bugs are saying and doing.

The Moon’s Almost Here is another book about saying goodnight and waiting for the moon to rise. I love the illistrations by Tomie dePaola. Plus the simple words you read as you wait for the moon to rise.

Leave Me Alone! is about a grandma who just wants to do some important knitting. We love this book because my mother does loads of knitting. We loved her trip to find a quite place so she could knit. I just had fun reading all the creative places she went!

I Am a Story is a fun look at the history for stories. You can see the beginning through history to today. Stories are so important and loads of fun to read for everyone. I love the pictures and all the points that the story covers.

Owl Sees Owl is a very colorful book about a owl flying and what it sees. Each page has simple words to describe what the owl is seeing. I love how simple and fun it is. My youngest age 6 who is just starting to read on her own was happy to find a book she could read.

So what new books did you find this month?

December Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

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