Bubbles Ooodles

Product: Bubbles Ooodles
By: Gymbroee: Gymboree Bubble Ooodles with Wand and Tray – 4oz (Link to Amazon)
Price: $14

This is a great product for cognitive and fine motor development. I use them with the girls at least once a week. We start out with the girls blowing the bubbles and see how many they can make. We work on forming the mouth for Mary to make the bubbles. For Rose and Amelia we work on how big we can make them or how many bubbles they can make. It is then my turn to fill the room with bubbles.

Girls with bubbles

One of the many reasons that I love these bubbles is that they don’t pop right away. They will also float in a room for a while. It leaves many different things you can do with the bubbles. The bubble soap just seems to last forever. We don’t go through it as fast as some others that we have used.

Girls with bubbles

Some of the things we have done with the bubbles:

  • Helps with Speech problems
  • Catch the bubbles without popping them
  • Count the bubbles you catch
  • Stack bubbles on top of one another
  • Stomp on the bubbles on the floor
  • Tip Toe around the bubbles on the floor
  • Dinosaurs eat the bubbles
  • Blow the bubbles back up in the air
  • Have cars run them over on the ground
  • Jump up to catch bubbles that are higher in the air
Girls with bubbles

These bubbles are fun for everyone!

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

PS. I did this review no one asked me to do it!

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