Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity

Dr Seuss books are some of our favorites at our house. Every year we do something with at least one of two of the books. The Cat in the Hat is this months Virtual Book Club Book.

I love the rhyming and learning you can do with Cat in the hat. I’m sure we have at least two copies of the book in the house. It is one that I read a lot when my girls were younger.

For this month’s activity, I thought I would go back to a favorite at our house: gross motor. There are always so many ways you can do gross motor with books. I love changing up how we read the book and what we do.

I always do the gross motor activities with my girls. I love being active and moving around with them. Plus we have a whole lot more fun when everyone is doing the activity.

Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity - Fun ideas to get your moving with the book -

We talked about what way we were going to do a gross motor with my youngest. She decided that she wanted to do the action words from the book. Those words were: run, jump, hop, bow, kick, sit, and fall. Those are the words that she picked out from the book.

You can do these activities two different ways. You can do them as you read the book or doing them after you read the book. We have fun reading the book and doing the activities.

Run: We did running in place, forward, and backwards. We also did some running in place for a different amount of time. An example would be that we ran in place for 10, 15 or 20 seconds.

Jump: We varied the jumping that we did. We jumped in place, forward, backwards and side to side.

Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity - Fun ideas to get your moving with the book -

Hop: We did hopping on one leg. We would hop for a number of times and then switch legs and repeat the same number of hops of the other side.

Bow: We did our bows that went to our waists our bowed and touched the floor.

Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity - Fun ideas to get your moving with the book -

Kick: We did some alternating kicking our legs. We would pick how many kicks we were going to do.

Sit: We would sit and stand a certain amount of time.

Fall: We would do some pretend “falling” to the ground. Then we would stand up and do it again. The activity was fun to see who could do the silliest fall to the ground.

Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity - Fun ideas to get your moving with the book -

These gross motor activities are easy to do. They work so well with The Cat in the Hat. We did these activities several times and repeated when we read the book again.

This is also something you can do without any equipment and works great for when you are stuck inside during the winter or a rain storm.

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12 Responses to Cat in the Hat Themed: Gross Motor Activity

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  2. Devany says:

    A fantastic way to get the wiggles out while reading!

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  5. Jodie says:

    I love to tie in movement with our reading. Neat idea!

  6. Cerys says:

    What a fun way to play and get active indoors at the same time.

  7. I loved that you picked out words from the book.

  8. Julie says:

    This looks like so much fun! I think I could do the sit one for a while!!!!

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