Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

Today on the way to the bus it was a rush to find all the snow gear. Throwing on the coat and rushing to the door with hopes we would not miss the bus. Rose decided we needed to look for animal foot prints. Something we have done before. We did not see any. Rose was upset. They passed an area she said, there is an animal down there! I looked in a rush and did not see anything. Then I tried to hurry us on. Rose said “Stop mom and look again. They just moved.” I stopped and looked, trying not to be impatient with Rose. Then sure enough there was some turkeys in the bottom of the wet lands digging in the snow.

Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

Rose then quickly made hand prints and ask for a picture so I could send them to grandma. She counted her fingers quickly and we moved off. I asked why she made the hand prints. She said “Because it is the first snow and it is fun”. I thought quickly about making the bus but enjoyed the moment of watching her explore the snow.

Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

At the bus stop she asked if we could compare our hand prints in the snow. We made our hand prints and she said it showed that mine were bigger than hers and our gloves were different as well.

Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

She found some tire tracks and proceeded to tell me the pattern she saw. She liked looking at the tracks.

Do You See What I See: Snow Learning

Some times I have to remember that learning is about exploring and playing. Rose had fun just exploring the first snow and seeing what she could see. Plus remembering what she had seen last year. Exploring out environment is fun! I also got a reminder that not everything is about rushing around but taking time to remember the little stuff.

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  1. Kendall says:

    I am jealous of the snow! We rarely get any at all! When we do, it’s usually about an inch and gone within a couple of hours!

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