Eric Carle Museum – Trip Review

Eric Carle MuseumName:Eric Carle Museum
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Length of stay: 3 hours

The Eric Cale Museum was a great trip for everyone. We learned a lot about how book art is made and the steps that are taken. We read, created art and did scavenger hunts on the trip. The girls loved this trip and we got to see lots of different things. The Eric Carle Museum has children’s book art work in it.

The lobby is filled with lots of art work and things to see and interact with. The girls loved looking at everything. They also enjoyed the Hungry Caterpillar Movie they got to watch.

Eric Carle Museum: Lobby & Movie

An art studio is there for you to make the current project. My girls and I made flip books and enjoyed every minute of it. There is also a toddler art table and an area to learn about colors and interact with latches that the girls really liked.

Eric Carle Museum: Art Studio

The museum has a library with LOTS of books. We loved it. I saw lots of new books while there and we read through a few of them. It was great to see. There were also toys and papers to do activities with. A lot of the paper activities were around the current theme in the library. We saw a lot of the books that were by Mo Willem displayed as one of the current art works on display.

Eric Carle Museum: Library

We saw the following galleries: Seriously Silly: A Decade of Art and Whimsy by Mo Willems, The Art of Eric Carle: Feathers, Fins, and Fur and Robert R. Zakanitch: A Garden of Ordinary Miracles. Each was fun and unique. ONE thing to note is the galleries are changed out every few months. We got there at the tale end of an exhibit. In the galleries you could find books that matched up with what you were seeing. It was fun to see the art work and then read the books they were in.

We learned about the process that it takes to make a book in the Mo Willems exhibit. There was paper that listed each page in a book and all the steps he took to finish the book.

Outside is a hungry caterpillar car that the girls just loved! They had fun looking around it. There is also some picnic tables outside and an apple orchard. It was a great time! There was also a statue of a art work from Mo Willem that the girls liked as well.

Eric Carle Museum: Orchard

There was also a book store that the girls LOVED. There were lots of books in there. Plus art and craft things as well. We looked through a lot of books. There is also some fabric you buy if you can sew and make fun things.

Eric Carle Museum: Book Store

This was a great visit for us. We love it and will be back when there is a new exhibit to see!

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4 Responses to Eric Carle Museum – Trip Review

  1. Nicole says:

    I had no idea this was here! I’ve actually discovered multiple places that I want to take my son because of your adventure/trip posts. I’m so happy that you ended up being in my area! I get to see reviews on places before I take my son there. I loved Eric Carle as a child and I have a feeling he would enjoy this place as well. Seems like a great idea!

    • Cassie says:

      I love doing the trip reviews! Plus I hope that more people will see what we have done and go see them too! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! We plan on going back again soon.

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