Flower Coloring Experiment

Flower Coloring Experiment

We have seen loves of different flower coloring experiments. Plus a ton of water walking experiments. We thought we would try two different color with flowers. You can see our flower coloring from last year here.

What you need: white flower, two colors of dye, two clear glasses, knife (parent use only to cut stems) and rubber bands.

Flower Coloring Experiment

We started with plan white flowers that had the stems trimmed and split up the middle.

Flower Coloring Experiment

We picked two colors to dye the flowers: red and blue. Three sets were cut up the middle and two were left to put in just one color.

Flower Coloring Experiment

We looked carefully at the white flowers.

Flower Coloring Experiment

Within a few hours we noticed the blue right away. The red did not show up as much. For the red we had to look really close.

Flower Coloring Experiment

We noticed the next morning the flowers were starting to droop a little bit. Some had nice color and others had color we could see only on one side.

Flower Coloring Experiment

We looked at the flowers that came out of a single color. We saw how bright the colors were. We liked looking at the stripes in the flowers.

Flower Coloring Experiment

The girls exploring the flowers. We noted the different colors of the flower stems.

Flower Coloring Experiment

When we started this we had hoped to get two colors on one flower. As we started to look at the flower we thought maybe we had failed. Then we saw a few examples of it. Here is some of the things we saw:

  • Two colors in a stem
  • Colors on different sides of the flower
  • Red Strip in the middle of the blue
Flower Coloring Experiment

This was lots of fun for all!

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5 Responses to Flower Coloring Experiment

  1. I love how this experiment looked at the stems. We have tried this and only really looked at the flowers.

    • Cassie says:

      We wanted to see what flowers got what colors. We did a lot of cutting up of the flowers that pictures were not taken of. It was lots of fun! Some had both colors when we thought it would be just one color.

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