Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: AST, EST, IST, OST & UST

We are in the new set of the CVCC Word Family prinables. We are starting the ast-, -est, -ist, -ost and -ust. This is the third set of CVCC word family endings that have come out. The first set is the cards and writing pages.

Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: -ast, -est, -ist, -ost, -ust -

The CVCC word family cards have eight words per page. I love printing these on cardstock and putting them on a rings. It is easy to keep them together and use them as you need. This allows for easy storage as well.

Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: AST, EST, IST, OST, UST -

The next set of of pages in a writing page. This has the first one for them and space for them to practice writing the words. This is great for kids that know how to write. A fun game with these is to use a dice and number the words from 1 to 6 and have them roll the dice and write the word matching the number.

Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: AST, EST, IST, OST, UST -

The second writing page is a tracing page. This has the word repeated across the page several times. This is great for the kids that are working on tracing words. You can always trace each word in a different color of marker. You can also break it down to color the first letter different from the vowel and the two consonants at the end.

Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: AST, EST, IST, OST, UST -

These CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing Practice printables included:

  • 5 different words family endings
  • The Following word families: -ast, -est, -ist, -ost, -ust
  • Flash Cards 8 per page
  • Writing page for writing the word
  • Writing page for tracing the word
Free CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: -ast, -est, -ist, -ost, -ust -

Don’t want to wait for all the cards to come out? You don’t have do. You can get a copy of all the CVCC Word Family Cards on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook for $4. This gives you all 151 pages in one download.

It has the following CVCC Word Families: -all, -ill, -ell, -ull, oll, -ing, -ang, -ung, -ong, -ast, -ist, -ust, -ost, -est, -ack, -eck -ick, -ock, -uck, -and, -end, -ind, -ond, -ank, ink, -unk, -onk, -amp, -ump

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All CVCC Word Family Cards & Writing: -all, -ill, -ell, -ull, oll, -ing, -ang, -ung, -ong, -ast, -ist, -ust, -ost, -est, -ack, -eck -ick, -ock, -uck, -and, -end, -ind, -ond, -ank, ink, -unk, -onk, -amp,  -ump  -

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